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capricorn Horoscope

Month of May 2020: Messenger Mercury starts the month in steady Taurus and then moves to more flexible Gemini on May 11. While the first part of the month is spent on logical, detail-oriented communication, midmonth and beyond is less structured. Asking open-ended questions leads to interesting conversations.??

A Mercury-Saturn trine on the twelfth is good for accomplishing that tough mental work you’ve been putting off. Normal routine things don’t seem as boring now as you strive for perfection. Putting your all into your to-do list is inspiring and exciting to you now.??

As the sun enters inquisitive Gemini on May 20, you’re curious about everything. You take a much more lighthearted approach to investigative work now, as if you’re looking at things from a third-person perspective instead of first. A picture appears extremely different the farther away from it you get.??

The twenty-second brings a sun-Saturn trine that helps shift your focus to long-term goals and responsibilities. You’re able to take on a bigger workload without adding a lot of additional stress, which makes you extremely productive. You aren’t quite a machine, but you aren’t far from it.

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