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sagittarius Horoscope

Month of May 2020: The intense Scorpio full moon on May 7 wants to help you cleanse your life of the things you truly no longer need. Has a friendship run its course? Is it finally time to clean out a closet or recycle a collection you’ve grown tired of? It’s not ruthless to want to make a clean break and get a fresh start.??

The duo of powerful Mars and timid Pisces on the twelfth creates confusing energy that might stop you in your tracks. Questions of doubt arise about things you were previously extremely sure of. Is second-guessing yourself a sign, or are you just being overly cautious? Listen closely to your intuition.??

The sun pairs up with airy Gemini on May 20, creating a natural sense of curiosity. Because your communication skills are also on point now, talking with other people is one of your favorite things to do. Asking lots of questions leads to some surprising answers. If you can afford to travel now, do.??

Talkative Mercury enters shy Cancer on the twenty-eighth, subduing your ability to chat it up with anyone and everyone around you. You open up to those you trust, but that’s a very small circle. Your feelings get hurt easily now because you take things so personally. If you could help it, you would, but you can’t.

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