Month of Dec 2020: All bets are off when the sun trines your co-ruler Mars while in fiery Aries on December 10. Your power reaches new heights now as your confidence grows. Is there anyone who can resist your subtle magnetism? Probably not. Use this to get what you want before the magical energy from this positive aspect wears off.

Healing Chiron goes direct while in self-assured Aries on the fifteenth, at which point you will be able to reclaim some of the power you feel you’ve lost in the past. How long have you lived with this deep hurt, Scorpio? The deeper it is, the longer it will take to recover.

The sun enters serious Capricorn on December 21, putting your career at the top of your priority list. Do you want a raise? A promotion? Are you still looking for that perfect company or position? Set a detailed goal now with an obtainable deadline. Expect to make serious progress on this goal within the month.

There’s an emotional full moon in Cancer on the twenty-ninth that puts you in the mood to nurture the people around you. If you’re a parent, hold your children close. If you want to become a parent, this is a good time to conceive or look into adoption alternatives. And as always, take good care of yourself so you can better take care of others.

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