September 2018: A new month means new opportunities. Mercury enters earthy Virgo on September 5, and you’re on board with its analytical and practical nature. Yes, you’re an emotional water sign, but you can appreciate a no-nonsense approach sometimes, too.

Venus enters your sultry sign on September 9, creating an extremely intense energy. You desire extreme closeness with others and are deeply hurt when they disappoint you. Is there a chance you’re not going to take their actions personally? No way.

The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth brings positive changes your way, but you’re not quite ready to take a giant leap. Make the outline for a makeover or renovation, but don’t start any prep or demo work. There’s still time to change your mind before you initiate that first step.

The Venus-Saturn sextile that same night helps you take a practical, common-sense approach to money matters, making this a great time to activate a budget. Do you really need that expensive coffee every morning? Figure out which expenses you can eliminate so you can start building (or growing) your nest egg.

The powerful sun-Mars trine on September 27 is a great way to end the month because you have a deep understanding of what’s driving you. Now that you’re aware of your own motivations, you can continue conquering everything in your path!

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