The Sky this Month, May 2024

A Cosmic Dance of Change and Innovation

Hold on tight, because May is bringing a rollercoaster of cosmic activity, thanks to some outer planets stirring the celestial pot. Pluto and Uranus, those distant giants associated with transformation and revolution, are especially active, setting the stage for a month that’s anything but ordinary.

Pluto’s deep dives and Uranus’s flashes of insight mean we’re in for some real game-changing moments. Expect these planetary power players to deliver eye-opening revelations and opportunities for significant change. As they make planetary connections, they’ll be shaking up our collective experience and possibly redefining some norms along the way. It’s the perfect time to embrace the unexpected and harness the innovative energy they bring. Get ready for a month where transformation is the name of the game!

The Power of Retrogrades: Pluto Stationing Retrograde in Aquarius The Beginnings of Transformation

Starting May 2, Pluto throws it into reverse and begins its retrograde journey through Aquarius, the sign of innovation and revolution. This shift is like hitting the pause button on our external lives to turn inward, sparking a period of deep self-reflection and transformation. It’s all about the big stuff: technology, societal structures, and how we all fit into the bigger picture.

As Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius, it’s challenging us to...

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