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Month of Jul 2019: Your home planet Uranus spends July in steady Taurus, so you might feel the roller-coaster effect of this mismatched pairing, especially when it comes to finances. Just when you want to make a radical move, the Bull reminds you that patience is key.

Powerful Mars enters outgoing Leo on July 1, igniting a self-assured spark that can take you places. When you walk confidently into a room, few people have the nerve to tell you no.

You’re ready to break free from restrictions during the Mars-Uranus square on the eleventh, but rebelling against authority isn’t always the smartest plan. Have you considered the potential consequences of your radical actions? This might not be the best time to start a revolution.

The mood softens when communicative Mercury enters gentle Cancer on July 19, and you’re a pushover when it comes to family members, especially kids. Giving in isn’t the same as giving up. Letting them have their way this once isn’t spoiling them!

The sun moves into dramatic Leo on the twenty-second, welcoming in four weeks of bold creativity. You already dance like no one is watching, and this brave new energy gives you the courage to really come into your own. The world can’t wait to see what amazing things you accomplish.

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