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Month of Jul 2019: Your power planet Mercury turns retrograde in the Lion’s prideful sign on July 7, making it even more embarrassing when you stumble over your words or say the wrong thing. When making a good impression is important, rehearse what you want to say beforehand.

The sun-Pluto opposition on the fourteenth stirs up some deep emotions and can really create some intense feelings of jealousy and regret, as well as thoughts of revenge. You might think you’ll feel better when you do something about the negativity, but those kinds of actions rarely improve anything, Virgo.

Mercury retrograde enters emotional Cancer on July 19, so your intuition is the best guide. When you’re having a hard time making decisions in your love life, go with your first instinct. There’s really no reason to second-guess yourself.

Your true emotions come to the surface during the Mercury-Venus conjunction in water sign Cancer on the twenty-fourth, which can be a cleansing time that helps clear the slate of past romantic entanglements. Taking the first step toward moving past something is difficult but liberating.

It’s an exciting time in your love life when romantic Venus enters outgoing Leo on July 27 because you aren’t afraid to make big moves. Your confidence is super sexy!

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