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Month of Feb 2020: The full moon in outgoing fire sign Leo on February 8 is a good match with friendly Aquarius. Your romantic prospects now are good, especially since you aren’t afraid to approach new people and start interesting conversations. If you’re already involved in a committed relationship, don’t keep the goals you’ve accomplished together in the past month to yourselves. Your success story can be an inspiration to many.

Determined Mars meets up with your dedicated sign on the sixteenth, so you’ll be fully committed to making love-related improvements. You’re more likely to be thinking about the long term now instead of living spontaneously from one minute to the next, and you’re willing to work hard to get the future you want.

Your emotions are subtle as the moon travels through your businesslike sign on February 18, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You actually feel things quite deeply, but this isn’t something you want others to know. However, if you want a healthy love life, you’re going to have to show your emotional cards at some point.

You soften up when the sun visits gentle Pisces for a month starting on the eighteenth, and you’ll be more sympathetic and compassionate when a partner or date has a problem. You’re also a very good listener now, and you’re more than willing to lend a shoulder for a friend to cry on. Hearing other people’s romantic problems makes your own seem relatively tame.

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