Month of Aug 2020: The full moon in charitable Aquarius on August 3 reminds you that helping others should be one of your main focuses now. If you’re single, volunteering for a good cause is a great way to meet someone who shares the same humanitarian ideals. If you’re in a committed relationship, ask your partner if they’re interested in accompanying you on your mission to do good.

Your ruler Mercury leaves emotional Cancer for fun, outgoing Leo on the fourth, and you’re the life of the party for the next couple weeks. You don’t have a problem approaching new people or telling a current partner exactly what’s on your mind. You’ll want extra attention now, but that doesn’t give you the right to say random things that aren’t true just to make yourself look better.

When experimental Uranus goes retrograde while in traditional Taurus on August 15, you finally get a little breathing room to figure out what has been happening lately. If some recent gossip or a surprise announcement on social media caught you off guard, this is a good time to examine how it’s actually going to affect your love life moving forward.

Mercury leaves fun-loving Leo for more logical Virgo on the nineteenth, so you’re much more organized when it comes to communicating. Now when you say you’ll text or call someone, you actually might! It’s nice to feel a little less scattered.

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