Month of Oct 2020: The pairing of Venus and Virgo on October 2 is a bit of a mismatch. Your usual outgoing personality is replaced by a more logical, detail-oriented one, especially when it comes to love. Get the things out of the way now that you won’t want to do later when life gets more exciting.

Pluto goes direct in earth sign Capricorn on the fourth, giving you the chance to act on something you’ve been thinking about lately. You might feel like challenging people who make the rules now, either ones directly in your life or those who help run the world. Asking others to answer difficult questions is good, Leo. This transit encourages expanding your mind.

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 13, throwing things off in the world of communication and technology. The good news is that Scorpio is extremely intuitive, so you can rely on your instincts to guide you when you feel lost. You know those little feelings you get from time to time? Don’t ignore those important clues that can help you make better romantic decisions.

When the sun enters alluring water sign Scorpio on the twenty-second, your appeal will be universal. Combined with your innate sense of confidence, your magnetism is impossible for others to ignore. In a “sexiest person alive” contest, you win!

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