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Month of Jul 2019: Your ruler Jupiter is retrograde in your own knowledge-based sign all month, giving you plenty of time to think about past relationships and what you’ve learned from them. You might not be able to go back and change anything, but you can make sure you don’t repeat mistakes.

Healing Chiron in confident Aries goes retrograde on July 8, challenging you to take on areas of your love life that have been stuck lately. Don’t rule out even the smallest thing. Every bit of forward progress counts.

The full moon and partial lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth urge you to take a relationship a step further, but are you really ready? Acting too quickly is your downfall now. Don’t sacrifice a sure thing for a maybe.

You’re lucky in love during the Mars-Jupiter trine on July 25, so take full advantage of every romantic opportunity. If someone you haven’t thought about in a while pops into your head, it might be time for a reunion. There are few coincidences now.

Chatty Mercury goes direct in fiery Leo on the thirty-first, bringing communication back online. Resist the urge to talk faster or louder. It’s what you say, not how you say it, that makes the difference.

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