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Month of Feb 2020: It’s time to get out of your usual routine while your home planet Mercury meets up with deep-feeling Pisces on February 3. You feel most comfortable clinging to the safety of your logical point of view, but it’s time to find out what happens when you free yourself to express what’s really in your heart.

There’s a full moon in magnetic Leo on the eighth that reminds you that you have a lot to be proud of. Even if you aren’t in a perfect relationship or with the perfect person of your dreams, you’ve got a lot going for you. If there was ever a time to let the world know what you’re capable of, it’s now.

Energetic Mars meets its match in hardworking Capricorn on February 16, helping your romantic efforts get recognized. It’s obvious how hard you’re trying, and you make a great impression on first dates, when meeting new family members of a current partner, or at couples’ counseling. No one doubts your level of commitment now.

A new moon in intuitive Pisces on the twenty-third gives you the chance for closure with the past so you can move on to something better. How do you really feel in your heart of hearts? You know the answer even though you might not want to admit it.

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