The Justice & Three of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice card represents fairness, honesty, and balance. It signifies the need for balancing the scales and making things right in your life. The card depicts a figure of Justice with a sword and scales in hand, representing logic, reason, and objective decision-making. The sword symbolises the intellect and clarity of thought, while the scales represent balance, integrity, and truth. When the Justice card appears in a tarot reading, it indicates that the situation at hand requires a fair and impartial decision. It may also signify legal matters, contracts, or negotiations. The card encourages you to take a logical and rational approach to the problem and make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

The Three of Wands Tarot Card

The Three of Wands is a positive card that represents progress, expansion, and growth. It is a card of optimism, self-confidence, and the ability to envision success. The card shows a figure looking out over the horizon, symbolising the ability to see beyond the present and take action to achieve future goals. In a tarot reading, the Three of Wands suggests that progress is being made towards your goals. It encourages you to maintain your focus and momentum, as success is within reach. It is a reminder to keep your eyes open for new opportunities and to take a proactive approach to achieving your desires.

The Justice and Three of Wands Tarot Card Combination

When the Justice and Three of Wands cards appear together in a tarot reading, it represents balance and progress. The combination suggests that you are making fair and impartial decisions that are leading to positive outcomes. The cards also indicate that you are making progress towards your goals and that your hard work and persistence are paying off. The Justice card encourages you to remain fair and impartial in your decision-making, reminding you to rely on logic and reason rather than emotions. The Three of Wands card reinforces the message that progress is being made, and your efforts are moving you closer to success. Overall, the Justice and Three of Wands combination signifies that balance and progress are being achieved in your life. It encourages you to stay focused and motivated while keeping a fair and objective perspective on your decisions.