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You've had quite enough of this situation, but your partner thinks the current goings-on are...

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Slow and steady does the trick. Now if you could only convince yourself of that after you talk your...

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Sometimes you're the rudder in this relationship and other times it's your partner who drives the...

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Your approval means a lot to your partner. Chances are they don't just want to be your special...

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You rarely need your hand held, so you don't quite understand why your partner might require it....

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You say what you mean and mean what you say, but the spirit behind your statements is so sweet that...

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New social energy comes into your life just when you need it, and it arrives from a long-lost...

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You're all business on the surface, but deep down you just want to do something lovely, indulgent,...

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Developing a strong sense of self is key to creating the relationship you deserve. Spend some time...

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You're so over this situation, or are you? If that's the case, how come you keep going over the...

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The status quo suits you just fine, strangely enough. Your partner can't believe it, but that's the...

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Dividing up responsibility for certain tasks is key as you and your partner take steps to get to...

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