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Daily Couples Lovescope


It's time for you and your partner to take control of the direction of your relationship. This...

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An unexpected chain of events leads you to realize that this relationship is much stronger than you...

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Your intense work ethic is ingrained, which ensures that you and your partner stay on track when it...

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Your feelings are strong, but they could lead you astray right now, especially regarding your...

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Security matters concern you, whether it's your home or the stability of your relationship that's...

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Every day you're getting stronger and wiser. Be patient with your partner. They'll get there in...

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Are your motives and beliefs in line with your actions, especially when it comes to this...

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You're able to learn from your interactions at work and apply them to your relationship. Now can...

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Working with your partner can take you to some uncomfortable places. This resistance is, believe it...

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You've been putting in so much effort, and for such good results. Don't you think it's time you...

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Get rid of an identity that no longer fits. While it may feel odd—after all, that old self was...

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Stop thinking that you have to earn love. Learn to love who you are instead of thinking you have to...

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