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Daily Couples Lovescope


A conversation with your partner about a matter close to their heart is eye-opening. Actually,...

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Don't toss your partner's concerns aside lightly. Throw them with great force, and add a hearty...

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One of you knows how to get to the heart of the matter, but the other likes to lighten any touchy...

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Your partner does something that makes you so proud. You're each other's best friend, confidant,...

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The cosmic influences play up romance, sensuality, and indulgence. You and your partner have it...

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To be fully in love and fully alive means risking something. Sure, you could meet with rejection or...

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Knowing the truth is a great relief. Before, you and your partner were laboring in the dark. Now...

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You're used to viewing your partner in a certain way. Then they come under a different light and...

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When you and your partner resolve an old conflict, a new path is created for your relationship. You...

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Get rid of old stuff that's cluttering up your life and relationship. Whether that means literally...

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Appreciate your unique abilities and learn to see your best, most authentic self. Once you...

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Enjoyable surprises and unexpected visits bring light and joy to your day. Don't be shocked if all...

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