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It's up to you to make that change you've been dreaming about. It might be something tiny, but...

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You need to play it safe with your partner today because emotions are wildly unpredictable. That...

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It's up to you to make something happen today. Your actions will show your partner how you really...

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You need to take good care of yourself today. How else can you be strong enough to care for your...

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You've got to show your partner how you're really feeling. It should be easy thanks to your good...

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Don't get too wrapped up in too many different projects. Your conscience is going to force you to...

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Lead the way to something new. You both need some stimulation, and it's a good time to explore new...

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You'll be tempted to mouth off to your partner at some point, but do your best to hold that tongue....

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The two of you are feeling great about each other and your relationship. Now is a good time to do...

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The two of you share quite a bit, from emotional bonding to intellectual ideals. Right now, you're...

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Your energy needs an outlet today, so grab your partner and head out to do something active in...

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Your partner might get kind of bossy today, so try to let them know when they're pushing too hard....

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