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Daily Couples Lovescope


Sometimes a poker face is absolutely necessary, especially when your partner is talking about a...

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This latest development with your partner puzzles you. They don't seem to get your witty quips...

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Every now and then a certain part of you thinks this can't be love because it's going too well. It...

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You can't be everything to everybody. Frankly, just being yourself is enough. Curl up with your...

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There's a rhyme and a reason behind your seemingly strange desires popping up these days. So your...

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You're in the mood for love, or at the very least, for a long, sweet session of cuddling. There's...

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Gracious living is at the top of your to-do list. Make sure your partner knows about all your...

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You and your partner can't control what's already in motion, so enjoy the ride. Save yourselves a...

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Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, even as you and your partner explore the outer limits....

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It's time for you and your partner to kick some bad habits, whether it's smoking, fast food, or...

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Those wild ideas of yours are grounded in solid experience. If your partner doesn't believe you at...

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Give yourselves a little credit. You've been dealing with some very tough circumstances! Granted,...

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