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The Sky Today, April 11

At 01:46 AM: The moon is conjunct Mercury

In the early morning hours, the moon aligns with Mercury in Aries, synching our emotions and intellect. This influence helps us to think on our feet, perform under pressure, and keep our heads in a crisis. While we can all benefit from some extra courage, we should remain mindful that our assessment of situations probably isn’t entirely accurate, colored inevitably by subjective thoughts and feelings. Yet, if bravery is required to see ourselves out of a dangerous situation, or to assist others in finding their own strength, this is an ideal time. Although this aspect perfects when many of us will be asleep, its effects will linger into the day.

At 07:31 PM: The moon is conjunct the sun

After nightfall, the Aries new moon invites us to start a new chapter in our life story. Closely aspecting Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, this is a regenerative influence that sees us pursuing our goals with unwavering focus. Forces behind the scenes are angling for our success, encouraging us to mold reality into the shape of our choosing. Therefore, it is as important to know what we want, as to know what we don’t want, and it is critical to be specific in our language, intentions, and actions. Don’t leave matters up to chance or rely on broad strokes to provide your path to success. We have permission to say “no,” we have permission to take risks, and we do not have to explain our reasoning to those who question our decisions or tactics, or qualify what feels authentic to our process. “In order to have security, I must settle” is the falsehood the Aries new moon aims to dispel. Compromises made out of fear are not truly compromises—they are a self-sabotaging contingency plan based on the premise that, should we fail, the fallout will not feel as extreme. In order to use this new moon to our advantage, we must understand that everything we need to succeed is already within us. Additionally, we are not alone even if we imagine ourselves to be on a solo journey. Help in the form of friendship or resources will be there if we ask. Believing in our own magic is a tall order, but this is the moment to trust ourselves and begin to create the life we’ve always imagined.

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