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Your insight and energy can lay the groundwork for an especially productive day. Whether it's...

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It's time to be your own drill sergeant. Go ahead and discipline yourself. Don't inflict discipline...

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Anger can be a tricky emotion. Sure, it can get someone's attention, but it can also push them away...

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Mysteries of all kinds could intrigue you today, and they might be the reason you’re drawn to...

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If you've been waiting for a time to sway someone to your way of thinking, you could have the...

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You've been going full steam ahead for a long time. Have you forgotten how to completely relax? To...

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Unexpected news about a person from your past could shock you today, not because of the news itself...

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There could be a lot of vibrant, positive communication hovering around you today. This energy will...

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You are shrewd to try to negotiate through a potentially tense situation, but you also have to know...

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There is a ton of high energy circulating around you right now, and you will be feeding off the...

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Dive headfirst into the day. You have all the energy you need to stay focused and disciplined....

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Every once in a while you get a sudden warm feeling about your life. It's like the universe is...

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