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Someone you know fairly well is giving off a new vibe, and you wouldn't be out of bounds if you...

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Your confidence is at an all-time high right now, but don't be too righteous about how you know...

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Your ego may have been beaten up a bit lately, but it will survive. Spending too much time nursing...

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When you're making a list of all the good deeds you're going to do, be sure to toss in one or two...

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Everyone makes mistakes, and you're now ready to forgive someone who has wronged you. This...

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If you're feeling stressed, turn to your imagination for a lifeline. Just close your eyes, take a...

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If your ex just came back on the scene, your heart could be in a state of confusion. You need to be...

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If you find yourself in a dead end of sorts right now, you probably got there because you were led...

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Exploring isn't wise today. Save the risky business for a day when you really need a new experience...

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There is a big disconnect between what people are saying and what they're doing now. There's a bit...

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If you're working as a member of a group, let caution be your guide. You're very community oriented...

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The universe is about to unload some serious good luck on you, but you won't know you have it until...

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