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You have to lead the way today. Things are definitely looking up, but only if you seize control and...

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This is not a good time to make purchases of any kind unless you've been planning them for a long...

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A good friend needs to talk with you. Don't delay! You need each other, but you're likely to get...

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It's easier to get riled up than it is to calm down today, so do your best to avoid situations you...

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You're having great fun with some new hobby or project, so dive into it headfirst! Your terrific...

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You could run into a few problems with colleagues today, especially if you're looking for work or...

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A compromise is on the table. Are you willing to run with it? You might find it harder than usual...

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Someone close needs help at work or home, so dive in and give them what they need. Your payment may...

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Your terrific energy is making life a little sweeter for you and those around you. Take pleasure in...

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You need to blow off someone or something, and that is definitely not your style! It's a good time...

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Your practiced eye spots a pattern in some small part of life that nobody else has noticed yet, so...

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You could be asking all the wrong questions today, but at least one of the answers will be useful!...

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