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Daily Love Horoscope


Your crazy side says to go for it, but that inner taskmaster says you need to hold on for a while...

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If you just ask for what you need, you very well might get it. It's time to look at your current...

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You can survive the dating jungle by remembering to take nothing personally. Sometimes it isn't...

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Once people earn your trust and respect, you're on their side for life. That's why you tend to move...

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It may not look like progress, but you do trust your sense of forward motion. When it comes to...

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You're an inspiration to someone close in more ways than one! It could be that there's a growing...

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It's totally valid to want some time by yourself, especially now. If someone doesn't believe you...

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Reinvigorate your life by saying yes to something new and daring. Your strong sense of self and...

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You may encounter a surprising twist in your personal romantic storyline. Try not to worry about it...

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Your financial luck takes a turn for the better, and a nutty idea of yours is far more successful...

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Success requires discipline as well as vision. If you want love, you need a willingness to reach...

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You're always working on self-improvement, but all this striving could make love a lot harder than...

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