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Daily Love Horoscope


A stint of long, hard work means that your social life falls by the wayside for a time, but it's...

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A fresh project, whether at work or in a creative area you've long enjoyed, is just what you need...

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That certain someone had you waiting, but they've finally come to a decision about the role you...

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Don't let romantic feelings confuse your take on a practical or work-related situation. In this...

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You're in love with your work, and that passion makes you ever so attractive to the right party....

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That certain someone is still on your mind. Guess what? You're definitely on theirs, too. Just...

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Are you confusing the idea of love with the concept of being rescued? If the answer is yes, no...

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Thinking of love as an arena in which you can win or lose doesn't help matters. It's just...

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You really like this person. Their down-to-earth energy complements your pie-in-the-sky optimism....

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A close friend points out an area or two with room for improvement when it comes to your dating...

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A potential romantic interest can throw you for a loop with the tiniest gesture. Before you go into...

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Feel like your romantic karma has been kicking you in the pants? It's time to examine what you...

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