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Daily Love Horoscope


Are you craving permanence? A connection to the past could help you feel more grounded, which is...

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Some intense energy surrounds you right now, so do something decadent and more than a little fun....

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Is your inbox filled with responses to your profile, or have you had your eye on a new hottie?...

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You might be trying to work up the nerve to ask out someone you've been pining for, but it's tough....

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Sometimes, like today, a little vanity can be a good thing. You look great and you're confident....

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Mutual understanding is vital, especially to you. If you feel misunderstood, think about what...

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When you meet someone cute, it's easy for you to form strong attachments. Feeling close is awesome,...

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If you're not sure where this relationship is heading, spend a little time thinking about what you...

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If your mind is occupied with the big picture, it's too easy to overlook the tiny (but important)...

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When you're as driven as you, it's nearly certain you can achieve anything you set your mind to....

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You probably feel more comfortable and grounded. As a result, you're increasingly able to tackle...

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You're blessed (and sometimes burdened) with the gift of intuition. You can't always put it into...

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