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Why reinvent the wheel? Your predecessors already discovered how to use these tools. Now apply...

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Being critical is important, but don't let someone talk things to death. Accept feedback and then...

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Trust karma, even if it's slow in revealing itself. If you know in your gut it's on the way, have...

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Go ahead, take a quick peek. Once you've had a glance at what you could hoave, you won't want to...

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The only way to get the most out of a workout routine is to do it religiously. That's the way you...

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Don't let your working style be misunderstood. Being meticulous means you move a bit more slowly,...

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Happiness shouldn't be an unexpected outcome. When you finish a project, you want to feel more than...

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Sometimes the fastest way is the highway, and at other times taking the back roads will get you...

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Having a plan is great, but you need to understand the risks. If you were insuring your own idea,...

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You have a hard time pretending to be busy, but this is an important career skill to develop....

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It's like being a doctor and trying to heal yourself, or a lawyer defending yourself in court. In...

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You have what it takes to do the job, but unless you stay focused you won't be able to. Block out...

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