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The Sky Today, May 16

At 03:42 PM: The moon is trine Neptune

In the afternoon, the Cancer moon creates a trine to Neptune in Pisces, allowing us to use fantasy and imagination as mechanisms for healing. When the moon is in Cancer, we tend to be nostalgic for “the good old days,” yet it is often the hard or painful moments that the mind wanders to in our reminiscences, creating undue stress over past events that we can’t change. At this time, we can employ Neptune’s influence to weave our stories differently, extricating ourselves from traumatic memory loops. Yes, there is risk of self-deception or avoidance by virtue of both planets’ placements in emotionally-driven water signs. But re-imagining our origin stories can equally be therapeutic, in that we permit our history to maintain its significance without believing that we are doomed to repeat it. This is the dominant aspect for much of the day, so lean into your feeling nature and release the personal narratives that no longer serve you.

At 11:05 PM: The moon is sextile the sun

Before midnight, the moon sextiles the Taurus sun, facilitating easy self-expression. We are relaxed and at peace, which makes us magnetic for those who may be struggling to tap into their personal confidence. As they feel secure and valued in our presence, they may see us as a trustworthy confidant, reaching out to confide in us or seek counsel. We will be gratified at their willingness to open up and authentically share themselves, and will do our best to support them in practical ways.

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