The Sky Today, May 28, 2022

At 6:50 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Uranus

In the morning, the moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus, making us excited and impulsive. Reactive feelings derail standard routines and cause us to behave erratically. We might receive a sudden burst of inspiration that forces us to change course, cancel plans, or adjust our appointments.  We may also have to deal with some fluctuation of our resources in the form of losses, gains, or misplaced items. Trust that these vacillations are for the greatest good, even if they are somewhat alarming in the immediate. Following our intuitive hits is the wisest course of action now. 

At 7:46 a.m.: Venus enters Taurus

A short time later, Venus enters Taurus, one of the two signs of its rulership. The planet of love and money has breezed through Aries in just under a month, during which time we have chased our passions and expressed courage in matters of the heart. We might have even broken a few hearts as we pursued our conquests!  However, Venus in Taurus is all about settling down and getting secure in our engagements. We care more about comfort than excitement at this time, in search of a love that we can build a foundation upon. Taurus is a sensual sign where we delight in the slow, sweet aspects of romance and courtship.  However, some might balk at the idea of “belonging” to another, and we should be wary of others’ boundaries to make sure we are supporting those we care about, not fencing them in. This is also an influence of resourceful spending. We invest in items that will accrue value and last the test of time. Our tastes may become more opulent and luxurious. Simply be mindful not to view friends or lovers as possessions now.

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