2017 Yearly Horoscope


2017 isn't all peaches and cream at the start, as you struggle to find your footing during the challenging Mars-Saturn square in mid-January. Fear not, though, fiery Aries, because although you have...

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Venus is your ruler, and she starts the year out in compassionate Pisces, so right away in January you have the proverbial shoulder that everyone wants to cry on. Venus loves to be in the Fish's...

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Your ruling planet, the communicative Mercury, starts out the year direct and then immediately goes retrograde (back into Sagittarius) in the first week of January. Ready to do some backtracking? You...

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It's true that the Moon, your ruling planet, shifts often in the sky, but it's still worth noting that it's Full in your own sensitive sign at the beginning of January. This Moon is part of a...

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An early February Lunar Eclipse in your sign hints that no major changes should be made around then, yet it's also a fortunate time due to both the Sun (your ruler) and Moon having compatible Jupiter...

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Your year begins slowly with your guiding planet, Mercury, in retrograde at the beginning of January, so your resolutions may get put on hold. Remember all of the old stuff that hadn't been decided...

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A Venus (your ruler)-Neptune conjunction in mid-January gets your year off to a compassionate start. There is a softness about you that others may try to take advantage of, so be sure to note the...

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Your year gets off to an unbalanced start thanks to a conflicting Mars-Saturn square in the middle of January. Mars is one of the powerful, forceful planets that guides you, and getting into it with...

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You get to set the reset button with Jupiter (your ruling planet) retrograde in the beginning of February. Think 're' as much as possible: rewind, rethink, restart, review, return. It isn't often you...

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Your year begins with a difficult Mars-Saturn (your ruling planet) square to deal with toward the middle of January, so despite wanting to go full speed ahead with those New Year's resolutions,...

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The Sun takes up residence in your sign toward the end of January, so the focus shifts from the hard bottom line of Capricorn into a more eccentric, progressive way of thinking that you can readily...

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Something to be aware of as you start 2017 is that Neptune, your dreamy ruler, is in your sign and will be until 2025. This is a very long transit, and helps you pass through the barriers of...

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