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An authority figure who's been on your case pretty hard lately has really done you a favor. You've...

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Talk about stress. You've been worried about a dear one for what seems like forever. Finally, they...

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A loved one has recently shared a very special, very cherished and very secret dream with you --...

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Your loved ones absolutely will not know what to do with you today -- or what to do about you, or...

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You promised yourself -- and a certain person -- that you'd never, ever say a word to anyone about...

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Keeping your opinions to yourself will absolutely not come easily now -- in fact, it may actually...

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Finishing up that list won't be a challenge. You'll be on a roll, however, so convincing you to...

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That long distance matter is about to come to an end, in a pleasant fashion, believe it or not. Now...

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The universe is perfectly primed to inspire everyone to be excessive, extravagant and out of...

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Your focus is currently on one-to-one relationships, and it will stay there for the next few days...

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A call from someone you usually only see during the weekend could end up being a plea for help....

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You're just dying to get dressed up -- in all your best -- and craving some serious, elegant fun....

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Stellar Guidance

5 Warning Signs of Bad Astrology Reading

Weed out the fakes with these 5 things to watch out for during an astrology reading.

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