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Give yourself the day off and try to have a little fun, even if you have to ignore that growing...

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You're in the mood to laugh at yourself and make some risky moves, which is seen highly appealing...

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If you still haven't left the house, you might be making the right call. If you are feeling...

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You may have been on a bit of a shopping roll lately. Stuff for the home, gifts for your loved ones...

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Your passion knows no bounds right now -- and the right people are watching. That should be a good...

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You probably didn't get involved in socializing last night -- at least, not out in public -- it was...

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Don't you hate it when you're just not in the mood for your responsibilities? There's just one way...

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No matter what's going on in your life right now -- whatever you need to prepare for -- you're...

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You're bored, and that's dangerous for someone like you. You need a change of pace, a change of...

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There's really not much that can go wrong for you right now, and you ought to take full advantage...

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You should be feeling lucky right now. The person you've been wanting to meet is just about to make...

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Your day may have started out just like yesterday did, but it's certainly going to end up...

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Many Moons

HOW TO HARNESS THE MOON: Zodiac Tips for Every Sign

Tomorrow's new moon is a potent one, and every sign in the Zodiac has its own strength of connection. Find out how you can best align yourself with one of the most powerful phases of the moon, based on your sign.

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