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The Sky Today, May 9

At 10:16 AM: The moon is square Pluto

In the late morning, the Aries moon creates a square to Pluto in Capricorn, causing us to act out in response to unconscious triggers or biases. The benefit of this transit lies in revealing buried emotions, making us aware of how we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear. The downside is that when we do become conscious, we feel exposed, and we may take our feelings out on whoever is in our vicinity in completely inappropriate ways. Aim to curb your reactivity and give yourself plenty of space to process what is coming up. Having a physical practice like cardio or jogging can be a healthy, cathartic outlet for expending pent-up energy.

At 03:50 PM: The moon is sextile Jupiter, and the moon void of course begins

Much of our aggression should burn off by the afternoon, especially when the moon eases into a sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius. At this time, we enjoy socializing, aware of how our unique perspective contributes to the dynamic of the group, as well as how we can work independently to help team initiatives thrive. Under this influence, everyone may want to be the leader, and while this is perhaps not logistically possible, we can all spearhead a piece of the project that we feel most capable of driving home. The moon then falls into a short void lasting just under an hour, suggesting we stick to initiatives already in play, instead of changing our game plan at the last minute.

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