The Sky this Month, September 2022

Welcome to the last weeks of summer!

As always, September is a transitional month, as it brings the energy of Virgo. Being the only mutable earth sign, Virgo’s energy is calming and grounding, with the finality of helping us put our lives in order before the season ahead. August and Leo season were intense, so the opportunity to catch our breath is more than refreshing.  

September brings the most retrogrades due to the upcoming backspin of Mercury, which will color the astrology of the entire month. Once Mercury goes retrograde (more details below), there will be a total of nine planetary bodies in retrograde motion. The vibe will be more than introspective—as retrograde planets tend to deliver big “aha” moments through deep reflection. While the breakthroughs will touch many parts of our lives, relationships will remain a theme of the personal work the month ahead has in store for us.

The Cosmic Lovers One of the themes of the astrology of 2022 is relationships, as the year began with Venus retrograde and will end with Mars retrograde. The astrology of September mirrors this theme with the legendary cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, confronting each other in the sky. While their actual clash doesn’t occur until September 16, they will be in squaring signs (Virgo and Gemini) starting September 4, which is when Venus enters Virgo.  

Venus square Mars can bring increased sex drive, as it can...

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