The Sky this Month, September 2021

August was intense, so it’s good news to know that September’s astrology offers a brief hiatus from the chaos. Both the sun and Mars are in eager Virgo—but with five planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) in retrograde motion, we are getting the hint (or even a flat-out flashing light) from the universe to slow our roll.

Still, Virgo’s detail-oriented energy wants self-improvement, and it sure has room for delivery while bringing all the transformative energy of the outer planets during the month ahead. As the sun connects with retrograde Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, September revolves around revisiting some themes from earlier in the year as a means to review and readjust before heralding a new season. 

The Astrology of September 2021: The month gets to a confusing start as intense Mars in Virgo forms a deceiving opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling inadequate or discouraged around this time, especially if you have any planets in the later degrees of the mutable signs. Mars and Neptune make for a tricky combination of energies, making this a difficult week for chasing our goals.

During this same week, Venus in Libra will also be in a tough spot. The goddess of pleasure forms an odd quincunx with Neptune on September 3 and a square with Pluto on September 5. With both relationships planets having intense clashes this week, it’s not a time to go chasing rainbows. This week’s...

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