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capricorn Horoscope

Year of 2018:

Your best life contains structure, discipline, and a whole lot of hard work. When what you put into a situation pays off, you couldn’t be happier. If you continue to strive for what you want in 2018, Capricorn, there’s very little you can’t achieve.

A Mars-Saturn conjunction in your practical sign appears at the start of April, and while these two planets can be combative at times, in your house they try to work together. You’re on your best behavior right now because you know that coloring outside the lines makes a messy (and undesirable) finished picture.

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When transformative Pluto is retrograde in your sign between late April and late September, change comes from the willingness to learn from past mistakes. Apologize to family members or heal friendships that you had a part in ending. Guilt and regret serve no purpose, but if you get the chance to correct a past mistake, take it.

By the time the sun enters your sign in late December, you’ll have only a month or so to feel perfectly at ease in your own skin. Make a plan. Set deadlines and limits. And commit yourself to being the best Goat you can be.

Year of 2018:

Karmic Saturn turns retrograde in your no-nonsense sign in mid-April, helping you easily tell reality from fantasy. You should know by now, by looking at past mistakes, what works and what doesn’t. And applying those lessons to a current or potential love affair should have extremely positive results. It’s never too late to make a new plan or change your future course, which gives you an optimistic outlook when it comes to romance. One thing to remember is that you’re in charge of your destiny, Capricorn. If something isn’t working, change it. If you wish something was different, make it so. You aren’t afraid of hard work, and using it to better your love life is effective. If you give up before you even try, though, there’s no one to blame but yourself.

As Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo early in July, romance levels dip slightly. Relationships could become routine and, unfortunately, a bit boring. They say that business and pleasure don’t mix, and this pairing is a prime example of that. It’s hard to get down to business romantically when you’re stuck in a logical frame of mind. Love and reason aren’t always compatible, and it’s hard for you to see the point in the little sentimental details associated with a romantic connection. Indulgence takes a back seat to practicality, and you show love more often by what you can do outside of the bedroom, not in it.

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With Venus retrograde in jealous Scorpio at the beginning of October, problems could be on the horizon for all Goats in serious relationships. Are there so many issues hanging around from the past that have yet to be worked through that you can’t move into the future together? Stumbling blocks in the form of suspicion and skepticism may seem insurmountable, but that’s when your steady sense of commitment and dedication needs to dig in even more.

Single Goats are best paired with people who wear their heart on their sleeve, because you’re incredibly perceptive when it comes to dishonesty and manipulation. Your emotions deepen and you become attached to new people quite easily, but they must pass your series of grueling mental tests before you can see if they meet your strict requirements. This isn’t the ideal time to start something new, but if you do, put some emotional guidelines in place.

Year of 2018:

Aggressive Mars enters your strong-minded sign at the start of March, and the plans and projects you put into place for the next two months should lead to success. As always, Capricorn, perseverance and determination will be key, as well as fully dedicating yourself to completing the task at hand.

Goats still looking for a perfect employment fit see an increase in productivity during this time, and getting the word out about your talents and capabilities should result in one or more job offers. If you can afford to be picky, wait around for the offer that gives you the best salary and the most intellectual freedom. There’s no use settling for less than you deserve unless you’re strapped for cash.

Want Even More? Your In-depth 2018 Horoscope Outlines Your Success in the New Year

Independent Mars goes direct in your sign at the end of August, which gives you the ability to move metaphorical mountains. You’re at the top of your game, and you love the view from where you are. You know those plans and ideas that have been on the back burner? Take them off the heat and dish them out to whoever is willing to listen. If you can’t get your boss or supervisor’s attention, go to the CEO. Your ideas are, quite frankly, too good to be ignored. Taking risks isn’t what you’re usually about, but you’ll do what it takes to get your pet projects noticed.

Just as the sun is about to move into your sign, it forms a trine to conscious Uranus at the end of December, which increases your sense of intuition and helps you make excellent business decisions. You may not have a lot of proof to show, but you have certain feelings that will guide you to the right conclusions. Pay attention to the dreams and flashes of insight that you might normally ignore, because they could very well mean something right now. You don’t love stepping outside of your comfort zone, but doing so now will yield excellent professional rewards for you. Unemployed Capricorns may find that unconventional methods are the best ones to help you land your dream job. It isn’t that you’ve been doing it wrong, it’s just that there are other ways of getting what you want.

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