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Year of 2018:

With the brilliant, shining sun as your ruler, Leo, you live for attention and love the limelight. However, showing the world that you’ve got substance to add to your style will be your big challenge in 2018. Your decision-making capabilities are thrown off by a sun-moon conflict early in February, and not overreacting (drama much?!) will be your biggest test. This is your chance to let everyone know that you can choose the right path even though you’re being pulled in other directions.

A big-hearted Leo moon in the middle of June makes having a good time a top priority, and it’s nice to shed some of the restrictions you’ve been under lately. You’re drawn to all things sparkly, so high-end jewelry shopping, over-the-top parties, and bright, flashy outfits are all yes, please!

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You really hit your stride when the dazzling sun rolls into your dignified sign at the end of July. That’s when the party turns up and you’re fully ready to embrace all things Leo. There’s no apologizing for who you truly are. Let your ego soar and be proud of your accomplishments. You’re dynamic and bold, and there is no reason you can’t be the first one to realize and acknowledge your brilliance!

Year of 2018:

A partial solar eclipse during the Aquarius new moon in mid-February is the perfect time for a romantic do-over, and it’s important not to waste the opportunity to right a past wrong. Apologies aren’t what you do best, Leo, but if you made a mistake, own up to it. The present and future may be hazy, but you know exactly what happened in the past. Hindsight is 20/20, right? If you don’t like what you see in the rearview mirror, it isn’t too late to go back and make some adjustments to your romantic performance. The Aquarian influence of this aspect highlights the need for freedom and the pure, uninhibited right to be you, so this isn’t the best time for single Lions to think about partnering up, especially with someone who doesn’t let you shine. Coupled-up Lions will probably want a lot of freedom and privacy to pursue your own eccentric interests, so working out the balance between solo and couples’ time may be trying.

When Venus glides into your sign in the middle of June, romance is playful and fun. Dates can be casual, like going to an amusement park or carnival (you love to laugh and act like a kid), but you’re also perfectly fine with dressing up glam style and attending an elaborate dinner (if there’s a red carpet involved, so much the better). The downside of this aspect is the potential for you to throw yourself into full-on egomaniac mode, which can be a turnoff for a current or potential partner. Big time. Everyone wants to feel desired, and if you’re too busy admiring your own reflection in the mirror, it will be hard for you to notice anyone else.

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A sun-moon fire trine at the end of November reminds you not to take yourself so seriously, which can be one of your biggest love-related challenges. Your ego drives you, and one of your worst fears is looking bad in front of someone you want to impress. You start to feel restless when everything seems to be running a little too smoothly, but do you really need to create drama right now? Try to accept the fact that things can still be OK even if they don’t have that “wow” factor. Making new friends, finding potential love interests, and improving current relationships are the bonus of this aspect, and you shouldn’t avoid asking for help when and if you need it.

Year of 2018:

When the sun, your power planet, spends time in go-getter Aries at the end of March through April, you get the green light to make positive changes in your career. Leo, you already had the desire, but now you gain the intense motivation of the Ram to help propel you on to bigger and better things. You don’t give up easily, and competition for a job or certain assignment will bring out the fierce fighter in you. Things to do now? Take the lead. Initiate a project. Ask for a raise. The downside here can be an excess of anger and aggression, though, so you’ll have to rein that in if it starts to be a problem. Letting your ambitions be known is perfectly acceptable, but bullying others to get what you want isn’t.

Communications expert Mercury spends time in your sign at the end of June and beginning of July, so your career dealings will get fiery and feisty. You aren’t afraid to strongly voice your opinions and be the first one to point out other people’s failures. Does this make you the most popular person in the office? No. But being able to verbalize what’s on your mind is an enviable trait. Try not to get sucked into workplace drama, though, because as tempting as it is to gossip, it won’t do much for your professional reputation. Unemployed Leos are great at hyping themselves during this transit, however, so go ahead and toot your own horn when it comes to your professional assets. The more you build yourself up, the more potential employers will be fighting over you.

Want Even More? Your In-depth 2018 Horoscope Outlines Your Success in the New Year

The sun-Jupiter conjunction at the end of November puts luck in your corner just in the nick of time. You’ve been trying to remain optimistic, but let’s face it, there have been some real moments of panic. Unpredictability in relation to your career is no fun. Like, for real. But now that you have good fortune working for you, everything will be OK. Things should start looking up soon, Leo, and that means increasing your financial outlook and buoying your bottom line.

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