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Year of 2018:

You like to live life in a balanced way, Libra, doing it with as much grace and poise as possible. Luckily for you, 2018 offers you many opportunities to inject your unique sense of charm into situations that work not only in your favor but also to everyone else’s advantage.

When the humanitarian Aquarius sun trines the moon in your agreeable sign at the start of February, you can truly change the world. You can shatter convention if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, much to the greater good of both you and society. The sun enters your sign at the end of September, so set aside some time to do something special for yourself. Your willpower isn’t strong, so it will be tempting to put your own needs aside to help friends or family, but taking time to yourself is necessary to recharge.

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Venus backs out of intense Scorpio and into your airy sign at the end of October, causing you to be idealistic about relationships and money. If you don’t try to see your friendships and bank accounts for what they truly are, you could end up feeling emotionally or financially ripped off when you finally see the light.

Year of 2018:

A concerning Venus-Pluto square is a potential barrier to romance near the end of March, because something always seems like it’s getting in the way of your love life. This could be a frustrating time as you struggle to gain or keep the power in a relatively new romantic relationship, and an existing long-term relationship could end if the two of you reach an impasse. Think about your bottom line, Libra. What are you willing to put up with and what can you ignore? Be sure that you’re willing to forgive as well as forget, because holding on to grudges can ruin romantic relationships in the long run.

Adoring Venus floats through your sign beginning in early August, and you approach matters of the heart with dignity and grace. Libras expect their partners to follow the rules, and etiquette may be more important than anything else sometimes. However, make sure you don’t chase so much style that you lose the substance. How things look isn’t always as important as how they feel, so enduring an embarrassing moment or two might be an OK tradeoff for having a lasting, memorable moment even if it isn’t picture perfect. Single Libras are searching for the perfect person they can take to important work functions and notable family events, so appearances matter. You aren’t shallow, so it isn’t all about looks, but you are very aware of how the people you’re with mix and mingle as your “plus one.” Only those who are willing to play by the rules and treat you as an equal need apply.

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A gentle Venus-Mars trine early in November provides a lovely balanced atmosphere in which to grow a current or potential relationship, and your loving, romantic side is in equilibrium with your wants and desires. You’re much too dignified to talk dirty, but you’ll find a way to make your romantic requests known - in a classy way, of course! This is a time when your natural beauty comes out and your charm adds to your attraction, so single Libras shouldn’t have a shortage of dates or compliments. If you’re attached, use your charm to address and solve persistent problems. When your partner is putty in your hands, it’s easier to regain that balance you constantly crave.

Year of 2018:

A full moon in your sign at the end of March is a time to think about starting with a clean slate professionally, because this marks the ultimate point of completion for the beginning of the year. Outstanding projects should be ending, and you get an intense feeling of accomplishment as you turn in long-term projects and assignments. There is also a compromising vibe to this aspect, Libra, and you’ve surely realized by now that in order to keep the peace you need to put up with some people and circumstances that you don’t necessarily like or agree with. You might have to bite your tongue, because speaking out against authority figures and bucking the system now won’t pay off. The time will come to set the record straight, but this isn’t it.

The yearly Mars-Venus opposition increases your professional competition in late June, so job-hunting Libras may find it harder to not only get an interview but also to clinch the deal. With so many people out there in the job pool, look for ways to make sure your resume and skill set stand out. Employed Libras may see a rise in tempers around the office, and conflicts with co-workers could come to a head. Whether you’re right or not, stubbornly standing your ground probably won’t result in anything positive. Nor is this a good time to demand things like a raise, bigger office, or time off. Lay low, do your job, and wait for the energy to shift back in your favor before asking for anything extra.

Want Even More? Your In-depth 2018 Horoscope Outlines Your Success in the New Year

When a new moon in your sign rises in early October, you get a nice two-week period to reset your work relationships. Hit the pause button, reflect on what you see, and take your time deciding what your next move will be. There’s no rush, Libra, so make a careful, thoughtful, balanced plan like only you can. Both employed and unemployed Libras may be accused of procrastinating, but your mind works in ways that not everyone can understand. You know you have a lot going on in there, and you’ll act when the time is right. Keep your poise and pounce when you’re ready. Haters and doubters will have to eat their words, but you’re too classy to say “I told you so”!

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