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Year of 2018: A practical, almost rigid person at times, you need to find the balance between work and play. And there will be plenty of opportunities to do that in 2018 if you don’t shrug them off as nonsense, Virgo. A full moon in your sign at the start of March highlights the differences between emotion and practicality, and illuminates the important mind-body connection. If you take the time to think about and analyze the effects of your mind on your body and vice versa, you could come to some interesting and enlightening conclusions.

The luminous sun travels into your sign in late August, zeroing in on that practical, methodical side that’s so prominent. You pay attention to every little detail, and friends and family can expect a fair amount of criticism to come their way. The way you see it, why do it at all if you aren’t going to do it right? There’s a new moon in your sign combined with all ten planets in feminine signs at the beginning of September, deeply suggesting that you rely on intuition to make your decisions. This won’t come naturally, but taking action without consulting your subconscious can result in very unfortunate consequences.

Year of 2018: When chatty Mercury, your ruling planet, makes its yearly opposition to enthusiastic Jupiter near the end of May, you’re tempted to spill the beans about a romantic secret you’ve been keeping. What you know is so good you can barely keep it to yourself. Here’s the thing, though, Virgo: What if it was your secret that someone else was keeping? How would you feel if they posted your personal business all over social media? Try not to jump to conclusions and don’t interrupt others, especially your partner or potential date. Listen more and talk less, especially when it comes to things you know very little about.

Loving Venus takes a whirl through your sign mid-July, which isn’t the easiest pairing. You have your good points when it comes to romance, but Venus likes you to be more spontaneous and demonstrative than you’re comfortable with. Could you stand to be a little more easygoing when it comes to showing your love? Yes, absolutely. Are you likely to change any time soon? Probably not. Although yours is a mutable sign, you don’t like to switch things up very often, especially in the bedroom. If you’ve got a routine and it’s working, you can’t imagine stirring things up. Take the other person into consideration. Maybe the routine you’ve established isn’t working so much for your long-term partner, or the person you’re pursuing is used to being seduced in an over-the-top way. How far are you willing to go to evolve your love life? And can you set aside your own critical thoughts long enough to listen to someone else’s? Accept the challenge of Venus and rise to the occasion of being a more unpredictable lover.

When talkative Mercury spends time in your sign early in September, you’re happy to only deal in factual information. You run your love life as if it were a business, which can work to an extent for a short period of time. You’re likely to present your partner with a precise analysis of why things aren’t working, and you have a hard time reacting to any kind of emotional outbursts. If you’re a single Virgo, you come across as honest and punctual, which works in your favor, but your sense of humor could use a boost. Dates will go better if you try to lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

Year of 2018: The beginning of the year has its moments of difficulty as you struggle to find the right words to express the direction in which you’d like your career to go, but Mercury heads direct in the middle of April, which puts all communication issues back on track. Projects that were stalled can start up again, and it’s time to start initiating things instead of rehashing and reworking old tasks. Work rhythms go back to normal, which you appreciate, and job-seeking Virgos should see an improvement in the reaction to your resumes and job inquiries. There are a lot fewer miscommunication issues to deal with also, so double-checking whether e-mails, texts, and documents went through is still a good idea, but it isn’t a priority.

A three-week Mercury retrograde in Leo at the end of July puts some hesitation into your game, so you need to be that much more careful when it comes to putting together and executing long-term projects. Your confidence or ego may also be suffering, making you wonder if you can handle a promotion or whether you’re capable of doing the tasks that a new job entails. This is a short-lived rotation, but it can do plenty of damage if you let it. Continue to approach career-related tasks practically and objectively as you wait for this doubt-filled period to subside.

You struggle initiating and having constructive conversations during a Mercury-Mars square at the end of November, and you could go to great lengths to avoid someone you don’t want to confront. Most job-related discussions reach a point where both you and the person you’re talking to fight to get in the last word, and power struggles really aren’t your thing. There’s no room for hostility or aggression in the workplace, so most of the time you’ll choose to step aside rather than break any rules of conduct. Unemployed Virgos could benefit from an employment agency or headhunter acting as a liaison until you get your words under better control.

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