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Year of 2019:

Full speed ahead, Aries! As far as you’re concerned, that’s the only way to approach a new year (or any new adventure). And with ruling planet Mars charging into your sign just a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll be fired up and ready to tackle 2019.

For the first two months, you’ll have the perfect partner in crime: mover-and-shaker Uranus is wrapping up a seven-year stay in your sign, and his conjunction with Mars in the last degree on February 12 means he’s going out with a bang! Get the momentum going now—you’ll need it after March 6, when Uranus moves into Taurus. With all four outer planets then in earth and water signs, the rest of the year could feel like you’re trudging through the mud.

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But have no fear, Aries—you’ve got more than enough willpower to get you through! The trick is knowing where and how to focus your incredible energy. Don’t burn yourself out trying to fight what you can’t change; instead, concentrate on the things that you can control.

It shouldn’t be too hard to keep the faith, either, with Jupiter living large in his home sign of Sagittarius for most of the year. Jupiter’s optimism and enthusiasm really fuel your fire—and his two conjunctions with Venus (January 22 and November 24) give you permission to leave it all behind and enjoy yourself for a while. Jupiter also squares Neptune this year, though (January 13, June 16, and September 21), so be careful not to check out completely… you’ve got way too much to do!

Work/life balance is the name of the game for you this year—especially in June and July, when four Cancer planets (Mars, Mercury, the sun, and Venus) oppose retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; also squaring your Aries sun.

July’s eclipses (solar on the second, lunar on the sixteenth) take place in Cancer and Capricorn as well, demanding that you slow your roll at work and make more time for family, home, and self-care. It may not be what you want, Aries, but it’s definitely something you’ll need if you want to lay the foundation for lasting success.

Year of 2019:

Romance isn’t your top priority in 2019, Aries. But with two full moons in Libra this spring (March 20 and April 19), you’ll want to give your love life some attention… especially if you’re in a committed relationship. New things coming to light suggest it could be time to move on—but whether that’s separately or together is entirely up to you.

One thing’s for sure, though: the whole “you complete me” thing has got to go! By the time Venus enters your sign (just after the April full moon) you’ll be tired of waiting around for someone else to make you happy—and perfectly capable of doing it yourself. Just don’t be surprised if your fierce new attitude attracts some admirers!

Want Even More? Your In-depth 2019 Horoscope Outlines Your Success in the New Year

And with Mercury spending some extra time in Leo this summer, why be shy about enjoying the attention? Go ahead, Aries, and get your flirt on! Just do your best to keep things playful and drama-free, because yes, Mercury will be retrograde for most of July, leaving lots of room for misunderstandings.

Things get more serious in the fall, when Mercury, Venus, and the sun in Libra square off against Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The desire for a relationship is there, but career demands may be taking up too much time and energy to realistically make it work. When Mars enters Libra on October 4, you’ll have to decide if the love is worth fighting for.

If you’ve been a soldier of love all year, the fall could be make-it-or-break-it time. Mercury’s extended time in Scorpio (including another retrograde during the first three weeks of November) is all about going deep and getting real, so there’s no point trying to avoid the tough conversations. Get to the point, Aries, and talk openly with your partner about sex, money, or any other “taboo” subject that comes up at this time. Just make sure you do it with love. If both of you are willing to go there, it can only bring you closer… and maybe even transform your relationship.

Year of 2019:

Hold on to your hard hat, Aries, because with Pluto and Saturn continuing their transit of Capricorn (and inching toward their 2020 conjunction), your career remains very much “under construction” in 2019!

This major career overhaul is bound to have some effect on your wallet—whether it’s a sudden or drastic change in your paycheck (for better or worse), or just more ups and downs than you’ve been accustomed to. Fortunately, Uranus in Taurus inspires innovative money management to help you find your financial footing. Personal values around money and success could undergo a radical change as well.

Want Even More? Your In-depth 2019 Horoscope Outlines Your Success in the New Year

With the South Node also in Capricorn this year, old work habits are easy to fall back on—but unlikely to achieve the results you want. “Risky business” may have worked for you in the past, but Saturn and Pluto aren’t going to let you get away with that this year. Before you make any bold career moves, make sure you have a long-term plan… or at least a plan B.

You’ll have plenty of time to fine-tune your strategy, with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde from late April through most of September. The more you try to push things forward, the more roadblocks you’re likely to encounter. Instead, use this time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished so far, and how much further you have to go.

By the end of the summer, when four planets meet up in Virgo and complete a Grand Earth Trine, you’ll have clarity on what remains to be done—and hopefully, a little more patience to take your time and do it right. Trust that if you stick with it, eventually all the hard work will pay off. (Maybe when Jupiter enters Capricorn in December?) Just remember, Aries, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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