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Year of 2019:

Relationships are mirrors, Gemini—and with Jupiter transiting your opposite sign for most of 2019, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for self-reflection!

This is especially true between May 5 and June 23, when four planets in your sign (Mars, Mercury, the sun, and Venus) face off with retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius. In a year when significant others often come first, these two months are a time to ask: “What about me?”

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And with your ruling planet Mercury spending most of the summer in Leo (June 26-July 19 and August 11-29), you’re eager to be seen and heard. It may feel like no one’s listening, especially during Mercury’s retrograde from July 7-31. But don’t be a drama queen, Gemini—there are better ways to get noticed! Instead, look for more fun and creative ways to express yourself.

Still, some drama will be unavoidable in 2019. That’s got a lot to do with Uranus, whose entry into Taurus on March 6 kicks off seven years of rocking your world and blowing your mind. Radical revelations seem to come out of nowhere—and the sudden flashes of insight can be disorienting, to say the least.

Much of what’s coming to light this year has to do with ancient history. For better or worse, your childhood conditioning has remained a powerful influence on your adult life—but the Virgo new moon on August 30 gives you a chance to break the cycle. Along with four other planets in Virgo, this new moon trines Uranus in Taurus and retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn; forming a Grand Earth Trine that supports you in healing childhood wounds, transforming family relationships, and radically reinventing the way you “parent” yourself.

The best way you can care for yourself this year is to stay as grounded and centered as possible, conserving your energy and cutting out the distractions (social media, anyone?) that scatter your focus. After all, Gemini, there’s such a thing as “too much information”—so you’ll need to save your bandwidth for the stuff that really matters.

Year of 2019:

Venus and Jupiter may be 2019’s hottest couple, Gemini, but they’re making this year “hot and heavy” for you too!

Their two conjunctions in Sagittarius (January 22 and November 24) promise to turn up the heat in relationships of all kinds. Old passions are reignited, and new prospects appear on the horizon.

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But with Jupiter also squaring Neptune three times this year (January 13, June 16, and September 21), there’s a chance it’s too good to be true. Idealized images or expectations of your partner may be at odds with reality—so make sure it’s them you love, not just the idea of them.

Power dynamics are a major theme this year—especially in the fall, when four Libra planets (Mercury, Venus, the sun, and Mars) take turns squaring Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. All you want is fun, freedom, and fairness… but your partner may be giving off some “authority figure” vibes. Boundaries and structure can be a good thing, but with the South Node also in Capricorn, it’s a slippery slope into unconscious relationship patterns. Be honest with yourself, Gemini, does this relationship make you stronger, or take your power away?

With Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn for the foreseeable future, there’s a huge concentration of power in your eighth house… aka, your partner’s resources. Whether it’s financially, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above, you’re relying more heavily on them this year. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—love’s always a give and take, and it’s not about keeping score. Just make sure you’re not depending on anyone to an unhealthy degree… or using someone else to get your own needs met.

If you’ve got a toxic relationship on your hands, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 is a great time to eliminate it from your life. It’s also an opportunity to release old dynamics that are no longer working in relationships, so they can be rebuilt on a more solid foundation.

Either way, cultivate your own resources as much as you can this year—after all, Gemini, it’s much sexier to want someone than it is to need them.

Year of 2019:

One step forward, two steps back… With all three of this year’s Mercury retrogrades hitting your career houses, Gemini, that’s how 2019 might feel to you.

Throughout this year, as Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, excitement about your love life clashes with feelings of disillusionment in your career. But with Mercury spending extra time in Pisces (February 10-April 16), the “sweet escape” you’re dreaming about may not be what it seems—especially during his retrograde in March. Adjust your expectations and try to love the reality… at least for now.

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After all, with the North Node in Cancer, you’re learning to weave your own safety net—and sometimes that means putting financial security first. Mercury visits Cancer twice this summer (June 4-26 and July 19-August 11), giving you plenty of time to think about what that means to you. Use Mercury’s July retrograde to review your spending and saving habits, and revise accordingly.

From mid-June to mid-July, inner planets in Cancer will oppose retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. If you really want to empower yourself, Gemini, keep working toward financial independence—the July 2 total solar eclipse in Cancer brings this closer within reach!

Between October 7 and December 13, inner planets in Scorpio will trine Neptune and oppose Uranus. You’ve got what it takes to transform your career… but don’t expect it to happen magically overnight! It’s the little changes in your work habits that, over time, will make the biggest difference.

Yes, Gemini, practice makes perfect… and Mercury’s extended stay in Scorpio (October 3-December 9) gives you ample opportunity to hone your skills. Just be careful not to skip steps or gloss over important details, as this could sabotage your efforts—especially during the first three weeks of November, Mercury’s final retrograde of the year.

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