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October Forecast: A Double Full Moon Month of Raw Power and Potential

October Forecast: A Double Full Moon Month of Raw Power and Potential

October begins amid Libra season and is a truly remarkable month that is bookended by two magnetic full moons: one in fearless Aries, and the other in abundant Taurus. This double full moon month hosts many potent changes and shifts inside an already eventful year. 

This month, we will see Venus make two sign changes, first into earthy Virgo, and then into airy Libra. Mars continues its explosive retrograde journey through fiery Aries, forming many catalyzing aspects that will ignite new developments and re-inflame old conflicts. 

Pluto—the planet of hidden powers and transformation—goes direct, while Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde passage straddles two signs, including emotive Scorpio and peaceable Libra, bringing raw instincts and diplomacy to the center of our conversations. 

Mid-month, we have a new moon in Libra, and shortly after, the sun crosses the sign threshold into enigmatic Scorpio season. 

October is sure to be a month we will never forget, as it marks an important turning point in 2020’s crucial cosmic weather.


October 1-2: Full moon in Aries, and Venus enters Virgo

October begins with its first full moon of the month in fiery Aries. The full moon always represents a mid-cycle peak in lunar energies, where emotions are running high, and psychic frequencies are strong. In Mars-ruled Aries, this bold moon activates our will, igniting the courage to blaze a new path. Tonight, while we bathe in this potent lunar glow, we can meditate on all the ways we have become stronger in the past six months, and emerge from this luminous light with a renewed clarity of purpose. 

It should be noted that this full moon is co-present with Mars, now retrograde, and Chiron, the asteroid of soul-healing, so this moon is brimming with healing potential to burn away whatever is weighing us down, or causing us to doubt our inner authority. At the same time, we should be careful to not be too reactive. While this fiery moon can stoke our bravery, it can also inflame tempers, so be sure to channel this lunar fire into creativity or rejuvenating movement practices.

The next day, Venus, the planet of desire, attraction, and beauty, leaves theatrical Leo to enter demure and exacting Virgo. From now until October 27, Venus will take a more practical and analytical role in our lives, bringing the gifts of love and connection our way, but with a few conditions. Virgo sets the bar for perfection high, so it’s time for us to evaluate what is truly healing and grounding in our relationships, and make sure we aren’t giving away our best to those who don’t appreciate our gifts. While Venus is in Virgo, we have a perfect opportunity to put a little love into our daily self-care practices and explore natural therapies. 


October 4: Pluto goes direct

Pluto, the planet of transformation and hidden powers, goes direct today on its course around the sun. Since Pluto is so far away, its orbit is slow, therefore this shift in direction may at first seem subtle. Pluto in earthy Capricorn is having a deep impact on the foundations of our society and how we perceive reality. 

All these impacts have lasting effects for us in profound psychological ways, and from today forward, we may access our hidden depths with more clarity. Pluto is a major planetary player in the dire events of 2020, and while Pluto regains its orbital speed, we may see new developments in our current health and economic crises. These developments may lead us to discover hidden facts that further complicate our pressing global issues, but will also allow us to accurately assess our situation so that we can find lasting solutions.


October 7: Mercury is opposite Uranus Rx

Mercury in mysterious and emotive Scorpio comes into opposition with Uranus in earthy Taurus, bringing the communications of our times into contact with the forces of sudden change, and re-invention. Mercury the messenger is probing the shadows for truth and insight in potent Scorpio, most likely leading to profound discoveries. 

On a personal level, there may be surprises and upsets around this date that block our communications, forcing us to be inventive, intuitive, and adaptive when expressing ourselves. 

On a global level, our leaders may need to speak to the radical changes of our time in an honest, direct way that does not skirt the issues at hand. It should be noted that this Mercury/Uranus opposition will happen again on October 19 after Mercury goes retrograde in a few days, so be prepared to re-work whatever comes up now.


October 9-10: Mars Rx is square Pluto, and Venus is trine Uranus Rx

Mars in propulsive Aries continues its volatile retrograde journey and revisits its challenging square aspect with Pluto in resolute Capricorn on October 9. We may see a repeat in confrontational themes that echo back to Mars’ last square with Pluto that happened on August 13. 

On a personal level, we may need to rebalance a conflict that emerged in August, or we may need to work harder on a project that we thought was finished. On a global level, power struggles may re-emerge and erupt, since both Mars and Pluto are planets of power and control. This Mars/Pluto square may have us all feeling a bit tired and depleted, so we need to conserve our energy, pick our battles, and seek out support if we are feeling overwhelmed around this time.

The following day, Venus in grounded and analytical Virgo forms a beneficial earth trine with Uranus in Taurus. Venus is the planet of love, understanding, and connection, so this trine with Uranus may help us form strategies we need to meet the material challenges of our times. Venus may provide some luck and an opportunity to be inventive, and may support new ways of distributing food and resources. 

On a personal level, this Venus/Uranus trine may signify a time of exciting new love connections with people who are outside of our usual social group. This aspect may also inspire re-invention in our existing love relationships, where we discover new pathways of love and excitement that we didn’t notice before.


October 12-13: Mercury is sextile Venus, the sun is opposite Mars Rx, and Mercury goes retrograde

Mercury in intuitive Scorpio forms a collaborative sextile with Venus in organized Virgo, facilitating deep and meaningful conversations in love and romance. This sextile between water and earth has a low key, and somewhat subtle effect, helping us to be more receptive and turned into each other’s needs. This aspect provides a great opportunity to be understood on an emotional level, and helps us connect with the support we need in each other now.

The next day, the sun in diplomatic Libra forms an opposition with Mars retrograde in individualistic Aries. This sun/Mars polarity brings the themes of peace and balance into confrontation with the restless energies of war and conflict. The sun represents where our collective energies and perceptions are focused now, and in conciliatory Libra season, there is a great push to restore harmony and order in our lives. Mars, however, continues to set a reactive tone and underscores the anger and unrest that pulses through society. This face-off may represent a turning point in diplomatic efforts, but not without deep compromises on both sides of the argument.

Later that same day, Mercury stations retrograde, and from here until October 27, the messenger planet will backtrack through receptive Scorpio. This retrograde will carry us all back into recent conversations, to re-work these for deeper understanding. It’s at this point when we may start to notice the classic Mercury retrograde glitches in communications and deliveries, so it’s important to be patient and understand the cosmic context. Mercury retrograde times are excellent opportunities to pull back and look within—and in probing and intuitive Scorpio, we have a chance to investigate our emotional dark corners for insight.

October 15-16: The sun is square Pluto, and a new moon in Libra

Mid-month the sun in social Libra forms a square aspect with subterranean Pluto in authoritative Capricorn. This edgy square comes on the heels of the sun/Mars opposition from October 13. Whatever was confronted during that time may have led us all to face deep truths and ongoing power struggles that are brewing below the surface, which this sun/Pluto square represents. 

Personally, we may need to conserve our energy, and relinquish control in a certain area of our lives in favor of long term peace. On a global level, diplomatic efforts may be able to overcome some of the difficulties that may have intensified lately. Libra is the sign of justice, and this sun/Pluto square may signify that diplomacy is gaining new ground.

The very next day, we have October’s new moon in Libra. New moon times are the end of a lunar cycle / the beginning of the next, and represent a time to recharge and start over. This new moon, in the sign of peace and justice, represents an empty soil bed where many of us may be planting new intentions for a harmonious future. In six months, when the moon is full in Libra, we may look back on this day and reflect on the hopes we nurtured. New moon times are best spent purging and purifying, so we may want to clear out our living spaces to make way for new energy. We may also want to let go of limiting beliefs that keep us from living balanced and harmonious lives by focusing on visions of universal love in our new moon meditations.


October 18: The sun is square Saturn, Venus is opposite Neptune Rx, and Mars Rx is square Jupiter

The sun in justice-seeking Libra forms a square aspect with stern Saturn in resolute Capricorn, signifying the ways that diplomatic efforts are trying to overcome the burdens and limitations of our times. The sun represents world leadership, and this sun/Saturn face-off represents the ways those in authority are working very hard to find solutions, yet these are not easy to come by. On a personal level, we may be feeling a bit low energy and depleted today, as we come up against new challenges and roadblocks. Since Libra is the sign of balance, we may again need to conserve our energies so that we can continue to re-build long term.

Shortly after, Venus in exacting Virgo forms an opposition with Neptune in soulful Pisces, making matters of love and attraction feel temporarily confusing. Venus in Virgo seeks clarity and commitment in love, while Neptune in Pisces expands the world of dreams and visions, opening us up to endless possibilities. This Venus/Neptune polarity may call on us to keep one foot on the ground when it comes to love, and cautions us to not get lost in unattainable ideals. At the same time, this opposition could also help us tap into the bigger picture so that we do not become too critical of ourselves and those we love. 

Later that night, Mars retrograde in fearless Aries forms its second square aspect with Jupiter in earthy Capricorn. The last Mars/Jupiter square occurred on August 4, when the heat of Mars clashed with the expansion of Jupiter. A conflict may have blown open then that we must tend to again now, in hopes of finding a long-lasting solution. Jupiter is now direct on its course, and is slowly bringing momentum and improvements to our lives, yet we may start to feel impatient urges to push for faster results. We are now challenged to not spread our energy too thin in efforts to see quick growth and progress before our circumstances are truly stable enough to support our long-term goals. Sure, and steady will win the race.


October 19: Venus is trine Jupiter, and Mercury Rx is opposite Uranus Rx

Venus in orderly Virgo forms a supportive earth trine with Jupiter, now direct in dependable Capricorn. Venus is the planet of love and luxury, and Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and growth, so this encouraging trine helps us tap into much-needed resources and support. This is an excellent aspect for finding new love, or for opening up a new depth of commitment and security in our long-lasting connections. Amid some intense cosmic weather, Venus makes several positive earth trines to close out October, which help soothe raw nerves and ground us.

In the evening—Mercury, now retrograde in Scorpio—revisits its opposition with Uranus in earthen Taurus. Themes that we explored in our conversations the last time we had this opposition on October 7 re-emerge now. We have an opportunity at a do-over, becoming more reflective and perceptive in the face of sudden changes. This time around, we may pick up on nuances that we did not see before, or recent developments will reveal new dimensions in our communications. Since Uranus in Taurus is linked to nourishment and earthly resources, our communications may be centered again on these topics, as they relate to production and distribution.


October 21-22: Venus is trine Pluto, and the sun enters Scorpio

Venus in Virgo forms another earth trine, this time with Pluto in Capricorn. This trine brings the themes of love and harmony into a supportive connection with the planet of hidden powers. As Pluto moves direct on its slow journey around the sun, new developments emerge in many of our global challenges. Venus, however, comes to aid these challenges with the analytical and healing powers of Virgo, helping to restore health and organize financial solutions. On a personal level, this Venus/Pluto trine may signify deep, sensual, and transformative connections in our love relationships.

The next day, the sun shifts away from airy, diplomatic Libra, to enter the dark and enigmatic waters of nocturnal Scorpio. We are now in the middle portion of the Autumn season, where the night is becoming noticeably longer than the day, and cooler temperatures are leading us indoors more and more. Scorpio season is typically moody and contemplative, a time for retreating to discover our soul’s hidden mysteries. 

With Mercury now retrograde in Scorpio, it amplifies this season’s retreating vibe. It’s time to withdraw our efforts, and meditate on new strategies. Mars rules over Scorpio, and since Mars is also in retrograde, it adds yet another layer of retreat and review to Scorpio season. Though we may feel like our lives are coming to a standstill, this stillness hints at deep transformations brewing below the surface. 


October 24-25: Venus is trine Saturn, and Mercury Rx is conjunct the sun

Venus forms its last beneficial earth trine of October with stern Saturn today, helping us flow with our limitations, and find constructive ways to work within boundaries. Venus in analytical Virgo helps to soften the heaviness of Saturn’s lessons, and connects us to the ways Saturn has strengthened our capacities for patience and deeper commitment in love. Some of us may find that a relationship is becoming more serious now. Those already in a committed relationship may find that this year’s challenges have strengthened your bond.

The next day, Mercury retrograde forms a perfect conjunction with the sun in Scorpio. This conjunction is traditionally called the “cazimi” meaning “in the heart,” when Mercury the messenger enters the purifying heart of the sun to be re-born. Today, we have an opportunity to let go of toxic energies and ideas that cloud our awareness and untangle old reactive patterns that arise from our insecurities. Moving forward, we may have new clarity and insight on an obscure dimension of ourselves, as we are able to communicate from a more intuitive place.


October 27: Mercury Rx returns to Libra, and Venus enters Libra

October 27 is a lucky day cosmically, as Mercury re-enters peaceable Libra, along with Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra. Venus in Libra is a powerful time for the planet of love and connection, as she is able to wield her Venusian influence with full potential. Venus will be in harmony-loving Libra until November 21, so until then, we have a unique opportunity to channel love, attraction, creativity, and luck into our lives amid a very hard year. Now that Venus is in Libra with Mercury, who is newly cleansed by the cazimi of October 25, it’s likely that we may personally and collectively find the most diplomatic and heart-centered ways to communicate. Since both Venus and Mercury are connected to wealth and currency, we may now experience some economic improvements. 


October 31: Full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus 

October ends as it began, with a full moon. But not just any full moon, this one is in the sign of the moon’s exaltation: abundant, generous, and luxurious Taurus. Not only that, this bright moon occurs on Halloween, when the veil between our world and the world of spirit is thin and permeable.

The Taurus full moon provides gifts and bounties, that emerge out of the keen perceptions of Scorpio season. Our intuition may feel especially strong, and October 31 may host strong visions and messages from our ancestors. In a time of division and strife, the Taurus full moon asks us how we can offer stronger emotional support to those around us, as we seek out the ways that we can stand together in patience and solidarity. We may also feel like enjoying luxurious self-care rituals. It’s an excellent time to build a full moon altar, since Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is powerfully at home in Libra. We may meditate on the nurturing qualities of the moon, and channel in Venus’ gifts of love and fortune.

To add an extra twist, this full moon forms an exact conjunction with radical Uranus in Taurus, highlighting potent changes to come. Tonight, as we linger in our full moon meditations, we can charge up our energies so that we have the internal resources to adapt to our circumstances and prepare ourselves for the new world that is unfolding.


Main image courtesy of Amrita Virdi


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