Weekly Horoscope for August 20: Retrogrades Return.

August 19, 2023

With the summer starting to reach its greatest blazing heat, the wheel of life turns ever on. This week, not only do we welcome Virgo season on August 23 as soon as the mighty sun sizzles into these abundant gardens, but we also welcome another transit: Mercury retrograde. This particular backslide from our cosmic messenger will be especially pronounced because it is taking place in Virgo, a zodiac sign that it is domicile within — or “rules.” Whenever this takes place, our schedules and lives can be thrown into a tizzy as we must review, revise, and re-evaluate our productivity and lifestyles. While confusion, delays, and frustrations may appear, we are being given a blessing from the universe: to find a healthier work and life balance.


I deserve a healthy work and life balance. Achieving this is a basic right for me to enjoy.


With the arrival of Mercury retrograde, three zodiac signs may actually enjoy this particular transit more than others: Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces. The reason this may be softer and sweeter for this trio is that the cycle will allow them to reconnect with people from the past if they have lost touch and wish to do so. Tauruses, notorious for their ability to hold onto exes and old flames, may be given a chance to actually do so. Scorpios who have grown distant from heartfelt friends and acquaintances may be able to reignite the laughter in their connection. However, Pisceans are given an excellent chance to reunite with significant partners from the past if they wish to give it one more chance.



Many projects and responsibilities at your day job will require an extra touch of patience, flexibility, and awareness now, Aries. You will be able to weather these storms! The best thing to do now is to employ a sense of stability and security rather than feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Mercury is set to retrograde in your solar sixth house of productivity, which means it may be very hard to get anything done.


There may be possible miscommunication and confusion regarding your romantic life, Taurus. In fact, you or someone else may not be on the same page. This is due to Mercury retrograding through your solar fifth house of passion and true love. However, this may instead be focusing your mind on an ex or old flame. If you both want to give it another go, just tread forth lightly and don’t make any major decisions.


You may be feeling especially unpredictable at this time, Gemini. Beware of confusion and frustration in regards to home, family, or real estate. This is because mental Mercury, our planet of the mind and your celestial ruler, is spinning backward in your solar fourth house. This could be a good time to air out any resentment that you’d prefer to resolve in an amicable way.


All communication is about to be rather confusing, Cancer. Be sure not to make any agreements, promises, or plans. This is because mental Mercury, the planet of the mind, is throwing a tantrum from your solar third house. You and everyone that you meet are practically speaking underwater miles apart. However, this would be a good moment to review and revise your social media or website persona.


Financial headaches could be cropping before you now, Leo, but it’s best to not let stress overtake you. You will navigate this impasse! This is due to mental Mercury’s awkward backspin in your solar second house of money. Above all, do not make any major decisions around income or expense, especially big purchases regarding real estate or possessions. Delays on checks and payments could also be set to happen, so save for a rainy day now. That way you’ll be prepared instead of confused.


Mercury retrograde has returned but it is not the end of the world, Virgo. You’ll certainly feel it, but you can flow with the universe now. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet and your celestial ruler, has been spinning out of orbit in your zodiac sign and solar first house of identity. This transit is just set to begin, so you’ll feel as if you don’t know which direction is up or down. Do your best and unplug.


Breathe through any anxiety that is popping up for you now, Libra. You will find serenity if you try. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger, is backtracking through your solar twelfth house of hidden matters and karma. This can be immensely uncomfortable as situations and relationships from the past, especially those that are unresolved, could be returning to you. Focus on talking with a therapist or counselor to let the past go. This way you are using the cosmos above to help you ultimately heal and improve your path forward.


If you sense turbulence in your social circle now, you should step up to stand in your highest vibration, Scorpio. You may feel as if you and your closest friends are just not on the same page.  This is due to miscommunication or confusion, but it doesn’t spell the end of the world! The best thing about Mercury’s backward spin through your solar eleventh house, though, is that you could actually reconnect with old pals or people who fell through the cracks of time.


Professional pivoting will take you far now, Sagittarius. This is due to mental Mercury’s backward spin through your solar tenth house of achievement. While you may experience some delays, conflicts or miscommunication in regards to your career, you can use your famous flexibility to navigate it. If a new job pops up now or in the weeks ahead, be sure to read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line. You’ll be happier that you did.


You recently felt like you were back in the fast lane in regards to personal goals and pursuits, but something is about to redirect you, Capricorn. This is because mental Mercury, the planet of communication, is slithering backwards through your solar ninth house of expansion. This would actually be an excellent period to re-evaluate big intellectual ideas, especially in regards to academics, spiritual wisdom, or long-distance projects or travel. You’ll find greater wisdom if you do.


While you were confident you were about to win big in regards to wealth, the stars are encouraging you to go over all of the fine details, Aquarius. Mental Mercury, our planet of the mind and business, is spinning backwards through your solar eighth house of investments, assets, stocks, and wealth. The best thing to do is to quickly meet with a financial consultant or accountant to make sure everything is still okay in the long run rather than being robbed blind.


As much as you have hungered to dance with your lifelong twin flame, something is rocking the cosmic boat now, Pisces. Don’t worry, though. You can find a solution! This is because mental Mercury, our planet of the mind and discussions, is retrograde across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships. The best thing to do, if already partnered up, is to approach all discussions with compassion and patience, rather than jumping in with emotional accusations. Leading with fear does not ever bring forth love.