Weekly Horoscope for December 17: Review Your Path.

December 16, 2023

Mercury retrograde is back. Just as we began 2023 with this phase — also taking place in Capricorn — we now end with it. Whenever our cosmic messenger dances backward within the heavens, we must review our plans and revise our paths. Initially, this transit takes place in the mountains of Capricorn from December 13 until December 23. After that, mental Mercury spins backward through the fields of Sagittarius. This means we will initially be focused on reviewing our ambitions and long-term plans, as well as how we open ourselves up to new perspectives in regard to the pursuit of these goals.


I open myself up to a slower pace and enjoy living in the moment.


With the arrival of Capricorn season officially occurring on December 21, the earth signs will rejoice. Having the mighty sun in their element will bring them greater strength and momentum. Tauruses could become inspired to work on new plans and projects, especially around intellectual matters. Virgos, however, will feel as if they are being gifted blessings from the universe concerning pleasure, joy, and passion. Last, with birthday season upon them, Capricorns will revel in more power, glory, and personal confidence. All three of these zodiac signs must make plans for 2024 and focus on gratitude for 2023.



Career matters are experiencing challenges this week, Aries. As Mercury, our cosmic messenger, continues his retrograde in your professional sector, you could be reviewing your progress as you reconsider paths forward. Luckily, Mercury will only cause thunderstorms here for the week ahead before he inevitably slumbers into a different area of your sky. For now, go with the flow rather than beating your head against a wall.


The year is ending with a tricky Mercury retrograde period, Taurus. As our cosmic messenger backslides in your sector of expansion, challenges could be cropping up around media matters, legalities, academics, or travel. You may have thought you had all your ducks in a row, but the truth is, you didn’t. Mercury will only continue to cause havoc here for one week before he turns a corner and moves to affect your finances.


Beware of trust issues in the week ahead, Gemini. This is because your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, is now slithering backward like a shadow through your sector of intimacy, investments, and shared assets. Something is not linking up, and you may feel the impetus to step up and voice your opinion. After this week, he will turn a corner and continue to bring even further confusion to relationship matters.


Your relationships are particularly confusing this week, Cancer. As mental Mercury retrogrades through your sector of partnerships, you’re clearly realizing that you and someone else are not communicating at the height of your capacity. Worse yet, you may feel as if you’re just not on the same page whatsoever! However, after this week, our cosmic messenger will turn his smokescreens upon a different area of your life: your employment.


While you’ve been eager to keep up with your productive pace, Leo, this week is causing all sorts of delays. This is because mental Mercury is throwing thunderbolts in an angry retrograde tantrum from your sector of employment and responsibilities. You’ll be trying to manage everything that you’ve had on your calendar. Yet, after this week, our cosmic messenger will become cranky with a different area of your sky: one that focuses on love and matters of the heart.


Beware confusion around matters of the heart this week, Virgo. As your planetary ruler, mental Mercury, decides to roll backward down the hills of your passion sector, you will be spinning in circles around matters of love, romance, creativity, hobbies, or children. Yet, he will only bring chaos to these themes for one week. After that, he will crank up the drama around your domestic life and affairs.


The universe will be rocking you back and forth this week, Libra. As mental Mercury brings thunder to your domestic sector due to a retrograde, you could be noticing tension around home, real estate, or family matters. Don’t let it stress you out. Instead, try to use this time to adjust the sails of your plans moving forward. After this week, though, he will bring confusion to all matters of communication and your intellect.


Don’t broadcast any big ideas or plans this week, Scorpio. Mental Mercury is causing chaos in your communications sector. This could confuse your intellect so you aren’t registering what others are saying accurately or instead make others look at you like you’re somewhere off in left field. Yet, after this week, our cosmic messenger will be crashing drunkenly through your financial sector. Be prepared.


Beware of financial hurdles on the horizon this week, Sagittarius. This is because mental Mercury, the planet of the mind, is getting whiplashed by ice and snow in your income and resources sector. This is a terrible time to make investments or launch a business campaign. Yet, after this week, our cosmic messenger will roll back into your zodiac sign, bringing further chaos to your path and plans.


Prepare for a particularly chaotic week, Capricorn. This is because mental Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, is spinning backward in your zodiac sign. This means you’ll feel especially confused and uncertain about how to proceed. Yet, after this week, he will slip into your sector of rest and the past. This ensures people and situations from before are sure to be haunting you.


Don’t tempt the universe this week, Aquarius. As mental Mercury spins backward in your sector of karma, you could feel as if nightmares are consuming your mind and spirit. If secrets and situations from the past are arising this week once again, it’s important for you to find closure and resolution. Yet, after this week, our cosmic messenger will turn his drama to a different area of your life: your social circle.


Prepare for a whirlwind of drama in your social life this week, Pisces. As mental Mercury throws red flags from your social sector, something is brewing beneath the seas. This is an ideal time to keep your antennae up about the truth of the matter rather than gossiping or jumping to conclusions. Yet, after this, our cosmic messenger sets his sights on different areas to bring turmoil: your professional life.