Weekly Horoscope for February 18: Can’t Stop the Feeling!

February 17, 2024

This week, we transition from intellectually studying matters from a detached perspective to diving all in, feeling, and living it from the inside out. On February 18, Aquarius season ends, ushering in the dawn of Pisces season. Deeper we swim, submerging into the wisdom of our emotions. On the twenty-third, chatty Mercury follows into the Piscean realm. We begin to hear truth beyond the surface level of language.

To end the week, the Virgo full moon on February 24 grounds us. Coming full circle, we see that maybe there is room for both our rational and emotional perspectives to co-exist. As our higher self compassionately heals us, limitations fall away. Emotive chapters of hyper-criticism and clinging to false mental or material security are released. 


I lean into my inner subtle, intuitive whispers amidst the haze of confusion to keep me afloat.


Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces can expect the most moving week of the twelve signs.

  • Gemini will feel confused about decision-making matters when their ruler, Mercury, enters Pisces. Intuition is the key to what their mind cannot solve.
  • Virgo will experience heightened emotions as the full moon in their sign challenges preconceived notions, ideas, and ways of thinking.
  • Pisces will be uplifted by the sun and Mercury entering their sign, allowing them to articulate and express themselves well.



Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is rest, Aries. The twelfth house challenges the rationale of your conscious mind with your subconscious fears, stored memories, and imagination this week. As the independent sun and intellectual Mercury enter the realms of your inner Underworld, you may require more solitude. Trust in the magic of pauses and downtime. The Virgo full moon will illuminate in order to succeed long-term in your external goals, you must first tend to your inner world. Process, heal, and come back strong later on, renewed.


Whatever comes next is never certain. But the best way to predict your future is to create it, Taurus. This week, Piscean solar and Mercurial vibes influence the aspirations of your solar eleventh house. While it may feel unrealistic at first, trust that you are capable. You can materialize your daydreams. To network or collaborate, let your heart and compassion lead over your rationale. The universe blesses you with foresight with the Virgo full moon releasing outdated desires. Maybe it is realistic to expect to find passion and fulfillment in your social circles and future aims. 


Your purpose is larger than life can contain. Don’t let societal restrictions about career or vocation get you down. However, seek to realistically pull down to earth some of the higher visions you dream about. Your solar tenth house is all about leaving behind a Piscean legacy. This week, you find greater clarity in what your true calling is. The Virgo full moon grounds you in familiar conditions so that you can craft up foresight securely. Imagine an environment that is an improvement upon your current one. Then, plan and do what it takes to get there.


Your inner philosopher is questioning the meaning of life and existence once again, Cancer. While it can be fun to reflect on your beliefs, don’t become fearful or float away from addressing practical matters. Your solar ninth house is activated. Introspection is essential and the essence. As you ponder, the Virgo full moon will ground you in a familiar community or surroundings. Bring your moral and ethical reasoning down to earth to make a difference here and now, not just theoretically. 


Boundaries blur this week, Leo. Solar and Mercurial Pisces vibes highlight your solar eighth house of joint partnership. In business collaborative settings, teamwork can help you conjure dreams of higher heights for your income and work life. When it comes to intimate relationships, the more direct you are, the more rewarding your communication will be. Confusion and apathy can lead to dead-ended assumptions. Rather than trying to keep in control, surrender yourself to others. Allow their help, connection, and transformation. The Virgo full moon will allow you to release self-limiting behaviors that impact your sense of self-worthiness.


In the embrace of love, your inner hopeless romantic finds newfound hope. The sun and Mercury glide into Pisces, melting the boundaries of your solar seventh house of relationships. You will take great pride in your loved ones (or that special someone) as you mutually lean in. It’s all in the details. Give care to others with their love language in mind and share authenticity. The only thing that could get in your way is miscommunication. The Virgo full moon highlights your identity, allowing you to release self-sabotaging behaviors that limit your life path. Grant grace, seek understanding, and let compromise guide your way. 


The maddening ways of the world don’t have to be your way, Libra. This week will highlight your solar sixth house of the daily grind, with Mercury and the sun entering Pisces. Your daily routines will lean more toward healing and recovery over efficiency and practicality. Remind yourself there are seasons to your growth. The seed doesn’t bloom the day it is planted. It needs time. Allowing yourself to tend to your mental and spiritual health will be key this Virgo full moon. By ridding yourself of responsibilities that were never yours in the first place, you open yourself up to your full potential.


Sometimes, being so determined to experience life to the fullest takes away from simply enjoying yourself, Scorpio. This week the sun and Mercury throw a party in your solar fifth house of pleasure, creativity, romance, and fulfillment. Surprise! If you get invited or offered a good time, eagerly pursue it. What a fun time to plan dates, whether you court a new sweetheart or sweep your long-term partner off their feet to spice things up. Desire will be at an all-time high. Will you allow yourself to enjoy yourself? It will require your surrender to control.


With Mercury and the sun entering Pisces this week, you can expect an uproar of energy in your solar fourth house of personal life, Sagittarius. Domestic and living matters will be on your mind. Getting out of your shell won’t be necessary if you lean on loved ones for support and show vulnerability. Remove internal barriers that prevent you from being comfortable with being content and present. With the Virgo full moon, you’ll release the pressure to have all the answers or authority over your life’s direction. Surrender to the mystery of love, human connection, and your imperfect emotional nature.


Mercury and the sun enter Pisces this week. The lines blur in your solar third house of communication. The mystery of what someone is thinking solves through open dialogue. Internalizing, assuming, or withholding are bad habits to kick, Capricorn. Be curious rather than demanding information. Would you like to be put into rapid, defensive interrogation? Or would you prefer to experience someone genuinely intrigued about your mindset? Be mindful of your tone and the mood your words can elicit. In return, others may surprise you with the answers they provide.


The sun and Mercury enter Pisces, challenging how you see money and resources this week. Do you fear or avoid managing your finances and other responsibilities? Square away tasks related to: work, income, expenses, investments, budgets, and bills. Confronting limiting money beliefs, thoughts, and fears you allow more abundance to flow in. To manifest more, you must tend to and be grateful for what you already have. Work with what’s in your practical control and surrender to the rest.


The sun and Mercury enter Pisces, making this week all about you. With your solar first house activated, you’ll notice that you’re thinking about new potential paths and who you want to be. Go after what is calling to your soul. But first, you need to listen within to recognize it. How do you want to live? Now is the time to identify your wants versus needs. You can negotiate or compromise about simple desires. But core values and what you need to feel nourished? Those are a necessity, unable to be adjusted or cut out.