Weekly Horoscope for February 19: Swim into Your Spirit’s Depths

February 19, 2023

It’s time to embark on new journeys when it comes to our inner spirits. As the sun turned a corner to become submerged in the deep seas of Pisces just days ago, we are energized by the arrival of a new moon in this zodiac sign at the onset of the week on February 20. As Pisces rules the mystical realm, imagination, spirituality, and mental health, these themes will receive a focus in the days following the new moon. New moons always open a doorway in our lives. While this particular one will be conjunct Saturn — which may bring serious emotions for us to face, as well as some distance or challenges to our relationships — we will be able to focus on long-term growth because of it. Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, kisses Mercury, bringing luck and excitement to our lives, and Neptune, the modern ruler of the Fish, is still in a close union with Venus. This ensures that we will still have opportunities to express ourselves and experience pleasure, too, even if at first we feel a bit icy.


I am at one with the universe. I am a vessel of magic.


This week, Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces will have opportunities for growth due to the new moon. Decisions, plans, and actions launched now may carry long-term weight but will likely require careful focus and determination to reach culmination. Gemini and Aquarius are more favored when it comes to professional or financial matters due to this lunation. Opportunities to reach higher in their careers and start new journeys professionally may manifest for Geminis. Aquarians, however, have a chance to shift money matters in a new direction or even see a shift in their incomes. Pisces, however, will stand center stage and be offered new paths forward in all areas of their lives—they will be able to seize the day and follow the winding road forth.



It’s time to reconnect with your soul, Aries. As the new moon this week appears, you’ll be ready to lie low, recharge, and get back in touch with your intuition. You may choose to embrace solitude and rest even more than usual. However, some of you may decide it’s time to run some physical or mental health check-ups. This would be an excellent time to get in touch with a specialist or therapist.


Draw up your vision board of big goals this week, Taurus. As the new moon arrives, it will invigorate your solar eleventh house of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This is an excellent time to start to build toward some of your next milestones and connect with others who may be able to help you on your way. Aim high and know you’re worthy. The stars are leading you forth.


Set your sights on your career strategies this week, Gemini. As the new moon in your solar tenth house of achievement arrives like a chariot, you’ll find that new opportunities to rise higher in your professional realm are being offered. This may bring news of a promotion, award, favorable press, or another public recognition. If unhappy with your current employer, consider applying for a competitive firm.


Your connection to the universe could feel quite strong this week, Cancer. You may feel at one with your higher self and spirituality. This is because of the arrival of the new moon in a fellow Water sign—also known as your solar ninth house of expansion. This would be an excellent period to join a community, research religion, or even find a mentor or guide. You may find that a new path forward presents itself.


Trust, honesty, and vulnerability will be key themes this week for you, Leo. The new moon will whisper from the depths of your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. Understanding exactly where you stand in your relationships will be crucial now. You may even have a chance to rebalance any connections that aren’t in true alignment. Allow yourself and your partner to assess what each of you gives and receives.


A week of promises and commitments could be here for you, Virgo. As the new moon arrives across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships, you will likely notice a more significant focus on your union. Existing connections can make important long-term plans together, while singles may now have an opportunity to find someone who has long-term potential. Above all, know teamwork will get you further than flying solo.


Being lean and efficient when it comes to your responsibilities and plans will be a paramount concern for you this week, Libra. As the new moon dawns in your solar sixth house of productivity, you’ll be ready to take on more projects and healthy habits going forward. Take a second to review your health and diet, as well as your employment. If you’d like to switch jobs or take on more clients, you’re in luck to do so.


Embrace passion and heartfelt joy this week, Scorpio. The new moon arrives like a fleet of angels in the heavens of your solar fifth house of true love and creativity. This is the most important week of the year for singles to line up dates with prospective suitors, as you may find someone who truly aligns with your spirit. Couples can use this sensual energy to reignite the spark in their rapport or even try for a child.


A shift is coming to your domestic life and routine, Sagittarius. This week’s new moon will slither within your solar fourth house of home and family. Some of you may now have the opportunity to move, renovate, or redecorate your living space. Another way this may affect you, though, is that you may now have to handle some family-related concerns, especially in regard to a parent or situation involving your lineage.


New ideas will be popping up out of thin air for you, Capricorn. This is due to the new moon in your solar third house of communication, which will likely see you taking on a newfound writing, speaking, or intellectual project in the days ahead. You’ll have a very active mind during this time, so you can receive and process information quite readily. Embrace this energy so you can cultivate a wider perspective of life.


An important week for your finances is upon you, Aquarius. With the new moon in your solar second house arriving, you’ll find that you have an opportunity to assess your income and expenses. A raise, new job offer, or lucrative client or side hustle may also pop up near this time. If you were feeling unfulfilled in your professional life, now would be a great moment to apply elsewhere.


It’s time to master plan your life, Pisces. This week’s new moon falls in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — and will be like a booster rocket to your personal and professional goals. Use this energy to carve out your most important initiatives and seize the day. Luckily, the universe is on your side as you assert yourself now. Don’t be afraid.