Weekly Horoscope for February 4: Rerouting to Promising Horizons.

February 3, 2024

Energetic patterns halt to a sudden stop this week. Like a fast car that hits the brakes just in time before crashing, be grateful for divine disruptions. Mercury, our collective messenger, enters the objective realm of Aquarius on the fifth. Detached perspectives clear our consciousness. Life makes more sense as we fly high, looking down at ourselves with a bird’s eye view. 

The week reaches its climax with the Aquarius new moon on February 9. The lunation squares, or is at odds with, its planetary ruler, Uranus, the planet of disruptions. Expect the unexpected! Anxiety hijacks our nervous system. However, integrating new information introduced to us with tact and authority will soothe. The new moon longs for a new beginning, yielding progress. Once you find your adjusted directions, you can drive again with more faith that you will soon arrive. The only difference is this time, you reach the correct destination.


I accept the circumstances that are not in my control while remaining empowered to change what is.


Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius can expect the most bouncy week of the twelve signs.

  • Taurus will shift how they feel about their direction when disruptive Uranus in its sign squares the Aquarius new moon.   
  • Leo has a change of heart in relationships, urging them to see through a new lens. 
  • Aquarius finds mental clarity, decision-making, and new opportunities for change if they can face the music this week. 



Does the future excite you? If not, it’s time to switch up your approach, Aries. Mercury entering Aquarius, followed by the new moon, shocks you awake. Your solar eleventh house of social belonging and goals amplifies. Rose-colored glasses fall off regarding your associations. While misunderstandings, friction, or disagreements with friends or colleagues feel temporarily unnerving, trust that any information that bubbles up is in your best interest. You might not relate to a hive mindset presented to you. Therefore, pave your path towards horizons that are calling your name. Your goals may change this week, but the original intention is all the same.


Think with the end in mind this week, Taurus. Your solar tenth house of career is charged with Mercury ingressing into Aquarius, followed by the new moon. A surprising sense of urgency floods your nervous system in the workplace. Tension with authority figures can allow you to reflect on who you answer to and why. Are you content with what you put your time, effort, and energy into? Do you see it bridging you toward the long-term desires you hold? Don’t leave any leaf unturned when it comes to your purpose. Challenge yourself to take calculated risks at work. Anything will be an improvement, so long stagnation is avoided. 


Life is what happens while busy planning, Gemini. This sentiment holds especially true for you this week. The new moon in Aquarius energy surges through your solar ninth house. Your inner philosopher is challenged to step out of comfort zones. The opinions, moral compass, and integrity of your decisions may be up for debate by the universe. Hold to what you know is true while still being flexible to viewing situations from multiple angles. Book a trip, learn from different cultures, and advocate for the underdog. Overall, surely open your mind. If you assume you know all that you need to, you block an abundant opportunity for growth this week. 


Intimacy has a way of unexpectedly challenging us to confront our shadows, Cancer. Mercury and the new moon in Aquarius play power games in your solar eighth house. Possession, control, jealousy, and other insecure emotions can block you from experiencing connection. This week, you and another to drop your spiritual armor and let love in. Regardless of how people respond, ask yourself if you have the time and energy to play tit-for-tat. How can you ensure that you are vulnerable enough to do your part to experience healthy relationships? While still maintaining the self-respect to know you deserve the same in return?


Like a living flower, relationships are animate entities. When two people come together, their energy swirls and combines to plant a new shared seed. This week, your solar seventh house of connections with others shakes up with Mercury entering Aquarius and new moon action. In order to feel safe and secure within your relations, there needs to be some pruning and tending to. Is the environment too intense with bickering, scorching the temperature? Is one party neglecting, leaving the leaves to wilt? Do you need more compassion, communication, or care to water and nourish the roots? Take inventory when interpersonal information arises this week. 


You are only one person. You only have so much time and energy in a day. Put your waking hours to good use. As Mercury and the new moon in Aquarius energize this week, expect your responsibilities to take center stage. It becomes clear where more practical, efficient, and focused intentions are required. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize, Virgo! Put your natural detail-oriented lens to good use. Focus solely on your most important matters. Distractions are not a friend. Redirect your daily life, habits, and routines to ensure success you deserve and desire. Get out of autopilot and soar where you need to fly off to. 


The Aquarius Mercury and new moon energy that charges this week will challenge your solar fifth house of pleasure and romance, Libra. This week, there’s a disruption in what makes you happy to shake you awake with a resounding alarm. It’ll become clear that your definition of joy must shift to move forward with this new information. This new perspective may even redefine your idea of attraction and sexuality. To fulfill dating desires and romantic ventures will require a fresh approach. Do you permit yourself to go after what you long for? Even if it goes against the grain?


A house is not a home unless it feels warm and inviting, Scorpio. Your solar fourth house of domestic matters, family, and belonging surges an awakening to resolve related issues. The Aquarius Mercury and new moon energy will pull your attention towards your personal life. A new beginning is coming! However, be open-minded. The approach you had in mind versus the divine will and timing of the universe differs. Private renovations or living conditions may shift home life. Emotional conversations or intuitive understandings of those you reside with will clarify where tensions stem from. Feel it out with your heart. Coming off too harsh or objective will work against what you need.


Sagittarius is known for their direct words and honesty, which can be a blessing. However, a filter will be required this week. With harsh Aquarius Mercury and new moon energy challenging your solar third house of communication, intensity rises. Passionate words of encouragement and endearment are ideal. However, this friction energy could lead to irritated outbursts. Whether you are the one to initiate or receive harsh confessions or complaints, be sure to remain open-minded. Look to find a compromise over proving who is wrong and who is right. Can you see both sides?


This week, Aquarius Mercury and lunar new moon energy permeate the air, Capricorn. Things shake up in your solar second house of resources and self-worth. To make sense of erratic incoming information, remain grounded in your values. If it feels wrong, it probably is. The universe may test you in staying true to your integrity and needs. Charge your worth, literally and metaphorically. In order to have access to your time and energy, expect the necessary support in return. Others need to step it up or respect your boundaries.


You’re the main character of your life. Let everything else fall into place naturally as you focus on yourself. Aquarius Mercury and new moon energy will sweep your solar first house of identity this week. The life path you’re currently walking will come to a fork in the road, presenting multiple new potential trails. Will you choose what you have experience with already and is within your comfort zone? Or can you consider the option that may present fresh growth opportunities, even if more unpredictable?


Endings are new beginnings in disguise. Although the Aquarius Mercury and new moon energy will feel like a fresh start for the collective, it’ll be more like an ending for Pisces. With your solar twelfth house of your spirituality and subconscious, it becomes apparent where you need to close out a life chapter. Trusting your intuition will liberate you from repeating unwise patterns. Dreams may hold divine messages. Self-destruction can be replaced with self-trust if you listen to your inner compass and heightened instincts.