Weekly Horoscope for January 21: Love Overcomes All!

January 20, 2024

Love is the hero’s journey of the week, and our guiding north star will be loyalty. On January 23, adoring Venus enters steadfast Capricorn. Signing a metaphorical contract of reliability and dedication throughout the twists and turns of life will seal the deal on relationship growth. 

The theatrical, heart-on-our-sleeve quality of the Leo full moon that illuminates January 25 will amplify the desire for authentic connection. Dramatic emotions may flair up, but so will full-circle realizations about our heart’s true longing. On the twenty-seventh, unpredictable Uranus stations direct in Venusian-ruled Taurus, ending its retrograde. We can talk our talk, but will we walk our walk when unexpected shifts stir up the plot of our relationships?


In the midst of turbulence, I am a reliable resource of comfort for myself and my loved ones.


Taurus, Leo, and Capricorn will experience the most activity in their life this week.

  • Taurus is shaken awake by Uranus retrograde ending in their sign. They can expect to experience an awakening regarding their identity, self-perception, and life path.
  • Leo experiences an emotional release this week as the Leo full moon asks them to inquire within about their true needs, desires, and goals.
  • Capricorn’s love life gets a boost of affection, commitment, and relational growth when Venus enters their sign. 



What’s the rush, Aries? Slow down. The Leo full moon of this week highlights your solar fifth house of romantic affairs. Passionate rams are known to charge headfirst towards anything or anyone that grabs their attention. However, it’s time to reflect on this lunation about relationship habits that you need to release. Sexuality, pleasure, flirting, and fun are your birthright, but too much of a good thing can quickly become a problem. Let’s take inventory of where you’d like to make space in your heart for love to grow. With Venus entering Capricorn this week, it’s time to let fondness and security grow over time, organically, rather than prematurely rushing into commitments or the next phases of love. 


You’re the star of the show, Taurus. You’re looking for a sense of comfort by focusing on personal relationships with this week’s full moon activating your solar fourth house. However, with Uranus retrograde ending in your first house of identity, you deserve more time to focus on yourself and your own needs. The needs of others may confuse you from making self-oriented changes that will liberate you. Your life is yours to live. Venus in Capricorn will aid you in fleshing out long-term plans that support your relationship philosophy. However, find the balance between being reliable for others while remaining loyal to your own needs. 


It’s not always easy, but love is worth it, Gemini. This Leo full moon activates your solar third house of communication. Emotional conversations are expected to fill the air as all parties put their heart on their sleeve, gracefully or not. Gemini, you’re typically great with your words. However, try to share your emotions rather than trying to impress intellectually this week. With Venus entering Capricorn, you’ll find that commitment towards shared responsibility will yield the best results for relationship or collaborative matters.


Attraction is important, but what’s more important is ensuring your needs are on the same page, Cancer. This lunation surprises your solar second house this week with emotions you didn’t fully realize in terms of security, money, self-worth, or values. Ensuring that you can trust someone on a practical level will diminish any emotional insecurities. With Venus entering Capricorn, your loved ones or lover will likely be very supportive and attentive towards you. This is a great time for business partnerships, as the feelings of financial trust and investment will be a great focus for you. 


You can no longer deny yourself, Leo. A hopeful, radiant romantic at heart, the full moon in your sign will illuminate a need to give yourself permission to release what doesn’t align with your path. Your higher self will be closer than ever this week. Take note to listen to its wisdom. When Venus enters Capricorn, love will become practical. Focus on the routines and habits you have towards your loved ones. Put commitment on your to-do list with any other responsibility. 


Your emotional needs are going to become very apparent to you this week. Virgo is known for putting in the time and effort to perfect the details of their life. However, this is the time to live and let live. Surrender to feel and release this Leo full moon without the need to make sense of your feelings. The past may be catching up with you. There’s no such thing as it being too late to process. Venus entering Capricorn will urge you to let loose, have fun, and be less expectant in your romantic life. This lightheartedness will be a raft in the ocean of choppy, sensitive waters.


Future you is looking out for present you, Libra. This week, you’ll have come to an emotional full circle in feelings of belonging. With this lunation activating your solar eleventh house of friendship, community, and social networks, it’ll become clear the roles that different people play in your life. This may influence your future goals and aims. With Venus entering Capricorn, your relationships and true chosen family will step up to the plate. This week, the difference between a true friend or partner versus a casual acquaintance will become clearer.


This full moon strikes your tenth house or inner worker bee, Scorpio. It’ll become clear what role you play within the hive and it may come with an emotional release of the role in society you’d truly rather enact. Your purpose will feel on the tip of your tongue. Play around with ideas regarding your career life. With Venus entering Capricorn, you’ll find relief if you hold yourself accountable to communicate your professional life needs articulately. Listen to what people are really saying or asking of you with a mindful ear. There’s so much said in silence.


Adventuring uncharted territory is sort of your thing, Sagittarius. This week should be more of a breeze. Stagnancy oftentimes scares you more than a lack of predictability. This week’s full moon will highlight your solar ninth house of philosophy and travel. Your mind is expanding and releasing outdated information and beliefs. Now that things are coming full circle, you can see where you have been letting familiarity make you force something that you’re actually not okay with. As Venus enters Capricorn, you find yourself valuing yourself more and advocating for your personal values and needs. 


You like to keep control of situations, often feeling like you’re the best one to get things done the right way, Capricorn. However, this Leo full moon will showcase your vulnerability when it activates your solar eighth house of interdependence. Releasing outdated beliefs about trust and relying on others may bring up a lot of emotions. However, with Venus in your sign, you’ll feel shining with more confidence in your relationship needs. Your inner romantic may get the happily ever after it seeks if you can allow yourself to be caught when you fall. 


This Leo full moon will activate your solar seventh house of relationships, Aquarius, shining a light on the people you love. Connections can deepen as you and your loved ones explore passionate vulnerability. Put your ego aside and allow yourself to become tender to another’s wounds. Like a royal Leo, expect the same adoration in return. When it comes to Venus entering Capricorn, you can expect past relationship traumas to surface to be healed. With self-love and allowing others to help process your past, you can find genuine healing. You deserve to be loved, not in spite of your past but partially because of it. Your experiences have made you who you are today. 


Exercise your power. Your solar sixth house of routines will be activated this Leo full moon, Pisces. This week will challenge you to find passion and enthusiasm in your daily life. If your day-to-day life has run stagnant, this lunation will bring in the theatrics in a dramatic emotional snap to stir things up. Keep in mind that even amid responsibilities, tasks, and the mundane, you can always find a way to be playful. Turn a warm light on in a dark office. Make work fun and let go of what is unreasonably dreary. With Venus entering Capricorn, your colleagues, coworkers, or bosses will be more receptive. Charm your way into casually requesting accommodations, bonuses, or raises.