Weekly Horoscope for January 28: Put Out the Fire.

January 27, 2024

This week is colored by zealous, red hues while instinctual Mars conjuncts, or blends energies with, chatty Mercury. With this conjunction occurring in Capricorn, passionate words of truth are voiced directly. Lovers profess undying love, bosses eagerly applaud employees exceeding expectations, and friends commit to transparent, honest support. 

However, the reactivity of Mars creates a false sense of urgency. Arguments are easier to spark. Before you know it, a humble bonfire can accidentally lead to burning down an entire forest. Mercury in Capricorn wishes to communicate with integrity so we can filter what needs to be said through our moral reasoning. Our inner ally will urge us to pause. Our internal enemy will convince us to battle when no one has intended war.


My communication can be direct while still nurturing the trust within the connections that I’ve fostered.


Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn can expect the most active week of the twelve signs.

  • Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury, will be impacted closely by the Mercury-Mars conjunction this week. A shift in how focused and confident they are in vocalizing their mind may be a pleasant surprise.
  • Capricorn will be charged by the Mercury-Mars conjunction occurring in their sign. Sharing words of wisdom with grit and determination will make others more receptive to what they have to share. 



Conserve your energy and choose your battles wisely this week. The Mercury-Mars conjunction will spark your career. Mars, your planetary ruler, will be determined to vocalize your needs. Aries, your inner authority is already strong, making you resistant to take orders. You don’t let anyone boss you around! However, be mindful to respectfully communicate and take the time to take in requests at the workplace. The warrior within you will feel a sense of urgency to secure a successful plan of execution to fulfill your vocational goals. The focus you put into your work days this week will propel you to higher heights.


Trust in your discernment rather than trying to convince outsiders to understand your point of view, Taurus. Conversations around morals and philosophy may be a point of contention this week. You may find yourself running into others who either strongly agree or disagree with your perception of the world. It’s not your job to convince people why they should believe what you do or know what you have experienced. If they are close-minded to new perspectives, you couldn’t if you tried. However, if deep injustice strikes beyond a difference of opinions, this is prime time to confront it. 


Compassion and sensitivity are a healing balm for disagreements, especially in frustrating moments. The heat of the Mercury-Mars conjunction will make you sharp with your words this week. Connection, trust, and reliance on others will be the root trigger. Don’t burn to the ground the effort invested into your connections out of a moment of miscommunication. On the flip side, profound expressions of devotion from the soul will find their way to you. Allow the fire of intimacy to have its way with you throughout its temperature changes. 


If you are either impassioned by or frustrated with another person this week, know they are holding up a mirror to your energy, Cancer. The beauty that you see externally in outsiders will be a reflection of the beauty that you hold within. The same rings true about your annoyance or anger with the Mars-Mercury conjunction peaking reactivity in your relationship life. If you are frustrated as you conversate, take a minute to pause and reflect on what emotions are arising inside of your body. Then, seek the core thought that leads you to this reaction. You will likely find that you save yourself from many unnecessary battles with this mindset.


You have less to give from an empty cup, Leo. If you have been giving some and more of your time, energy, and days to fruitless projects, situations, or people, now is the time to pause before you reach burnout. Resentment may flair up if you’re being of service without appropriate boundaries that nourish your mental and physical health. Your instinct this week will be to help out. However, find a way to do so that honors your own needs. Otherwise, the spicy Mercury-Mars energy may cause you to lash out in frustration, messily unbottling pent-up emotions.


You don’t need to chase to attract. Mars is an active warrior planet, charging headfirst after what it wants. When the Mercury-Mars conjunction this week hits, your knee-jerk reaction will be to run after your desires. It may involve romance, sexuality, love, creativity, talents, children, or passion projects. But be sure to consciously create mental checkpoints to slow down and check in with yourself. Turning the intensity of passion from zero to one hundred percent can lead to unexpected blowouts or plot twists. Channeling your heightened desire into something physical, such as sports or exercise, can remedy this feeling of urgency.


If you have experienced frustrations or unease within your personal life as of late, especially with family members or roommates, this is the week to confront issues head-on, Libra. Remember that the Mercury-Mars conjunction will lead to people speaking in passionate tones. Whether statements are intensely loving or intensely criticizing depends on current emotional states. Don’t toy around with a short fuse by waiting until the last minute to fix it. Avoid sending sparks flying by speaking with diplomacy and coming to reasonable compromises. 


With your solar third house of communication and technology activated by the heated Mars-Mercury conjunction, be mindful of the power of words, Scorpio. Emails or instant messages may be misunderstood, conveying a tone of different intention. When possible, communicate in person about important matters and be very diplomatic. Don’t tiptoe around what needs to be said. Still, you certainly want to give plenty of space for people to share their thoughts. Save yourself from a fight. Seek to understand them before being understood.


Keep yourself in check by remembering what matters most this week, Sagittarius. This Mercury-Mars conjunction will urge you to take action via your resources, money, and sense of self-esteem. You may jump to your defense when necessary. However, you may imagine others drawing a sword and challenging your craftwork more than they are. Overspending may occur if you buy from a reactionary, ego-restoring perspective. Keep your knee-jerk kicks to a minimum and walk away with fewer bruises. 


Knowing when to jump into action versus when to wait is an underestimated art. The Mercury-Mars conjunction of this week will challenge you in ways that will help you grow as an individual. Although you may face minor annoyances, know that they pass as quickly as they arrive. Solutions will come when you can vocalize your autonomous needs with grace. Follow the call to leadership, regardless of whether others follow your example. 


This week’s Mercury-Mars conjunction will influence you on a psychological level. Your dreams will hold symbolic messages from your psyche, Aquarius. Answers to what you need to integrate with your current experience will be mystically revealed. This week, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel present in your body. Notice what colors, moods, and feelings flash across your blank mind. While you’re in this visual void, call back any energy that you’ve given away. Forgive yourself and others spiritually, even if you struggle in the material world or conditionally. Then, your internal mental war can come to a truce. 


Make sure to give the benefit of the doubt often without letting go of your discernment, Pisces. The Mercury-Mars conjunction this week may bring issues in your social life to the forefront. Using your wit and charm, you can de-escalate tensions by advocating both sides of every story. Betrayals in friendships may be petty and unimportant, depending on whether your values are compromised. Can you work through challenges as a team? Or are you pushed away, forced to become opponents?