Weekly Horoscope for July 16: Reflect on Your Roots.

July 15, 2023

As the effervescent moon dances through the heavens, she visits each zodiac sign through her never-ending ballet during the lunar cycle. This week, she will unite with the sun to usher a new moon on July 17. New moons reset our energies and help us embark on new cycles, laying seeds that we will see grow over the coming lunar cycle and throughout the next six months. Cancer, as a zodiac sign, holds ties to emotions, home, family, and domestic life. The moon will link sweetly with Uranus, encouraging us to take chances and be spontaneous, as well as with Neptune, bringing a spiritual and sensitive vibe into our awareness. However, the moon also clashes with Pluto, forcing us to face opposition, enemies, or overwhelming emotions. Do your best to focus more on being present and open-minded but not succumbing to the more troublesome vibrations.


I am my ancestor’s dreams. I am a part of a long lineage of beautiful human souls.


Three zodiac signs that will enjoy this week’s energy the most will be Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Virgos will likely have much to celebrate and will likely be connecting with many friends and people who adore them. They may attend many festive gatherings or birthday parties. Next, Capricorns will see progress around their significant relationships, making long-term plans or attracting someone who completes them. Last, Pisceans will feel deeply connected to their hearts, seeing opportunities for romance, fertility, or creativity present themselves.



Buckle up a fresh start around your domestic life, Aries. This week’s new moon will bring a burst of energy to your solar fourth house of home and family. This could bring forth an opportunity to move, renovate, or redecorate your living space. If you’d like to get closer to your kindred, consider hosting a lovely little gathering where you catch up and reminisce about fun memories from the past.


Positive vibrations are filling your mind now, Taurus. Above all, leave your old perspectives behind. This week’s new moon in your solar third house of communication could bring a burst of exciting ideas! You may soon begin working on a fresh writing, speaking, or intellectual project now or in the weeks to come. With your intellect and curiosity peaked, you’re set to forge into newfound territory. 


If you’d like to plan for the long-term, start a savings account or build investments this week, Gemini. Financial energy is being activated for you at this time. With the new moon in your solar second house smiling over at you, you may have an opportunity to shift your income and expenses. This lunation could trigger a raise, new job offer, lucrative client, or side hustle to manifest in the palm of your hand. 


A new day — and chapter — is dawning for you, Cancer. You’re set to soar! This week’s new moon falls in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — and will be like a booster rocket to your personal and professional goals. Be sure to capitalize on this glorious energy by attacking your key plans and projects now. Know you’re worthy of achieving everything that you’ve ever hoped for. 


Reach into your introspective side now, Leo. Unplug from the universe and embrace solitude. The new moon this week will whisper from your solar twelfth house of privacy. It’ll encourage you to lie low, rest, recharge, and get back in touch with your spiritual side. This will rejuvenate you tremendously. If anything has been haunting you from the past, talk with a therapist or psychologist about ways to move beyond trauma and pain.


Draw up your vision board and map out how you can reach toward all of your heart’s greatest wishes and desires, Virgo.You are worthy of claiming and reveling within them all. Blast off to exciting, vast horizons now, Virgo. As the new moon arrives, it will pack a punch from your solar eleventh house of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. You could be absolutely on top of the world! 


Know that you can grasp the crown, scepter, and the throne this week, Libra. It is yours for the taking if you assert yourself. Reach for the next rung in your professional life. As the new moon in your solar tenth house of achievement arrives like a whirlwind, you’re being catapulted to bigger opportunities. This may bring news of a promotion, award, favorable press, or another public recognition to you. 


Spiritual synchronicities are whispering in the winds for you this week, Scorpio. The arrival of a new moon in a fellow water sign — also known as your solar ninth house of expansion — will have you channeling divine energies. Use this lunation to join a community, reconnect with religion, or learn from an established mentor or guide. If you’ve always wanted to unlock your own latent powers, get a Tarot deck, meditate, or use a pendulum.


The universe is bringing more opportunities for you to embrace trust and connection, Sagittarius. The new moon will kiss you from the depths of your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. This is a key moment to discuss where you and another significant party stand — and how you can grow and thrive side by side. If, for some reason, you just aren’t on the same page, you may need to seek couples counseling to bridge the gap between you.


One of the most important weeks of the year for partnership is upon you, Capricorn. Grow closer — or set each other free! A new moon arrives across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of relationships, bringing a wondrous focus on union. If you are already coupled up, you may make a sudden decision to grow closer, whether with long-term promises, moving in, or discussing how you can tag team your life’s aspirations as a pair.


This is an ideal time to review your obligations and calendar to be sure that you’re being as efficient as possible, Aquarius. You’re a well-oiled machine this week. As the new moon chugs along in your solar sixth house of productivity, you’ll be ready to tackle newfound projects and healthy habits going forward. Don’t forget to add time for fun and relaxation, too. Life is not meant to be just for work.


Let love consume you like a great tidal wave, Pisces. It is coming! The new moon this week will bring surges from the depths of your solar fifth house of true love and creativity. This is the most important week of the year for singles to line up dates with prospective suitors. Don’t hide away in the shadows! Put yourself out there for prospective love! Romance is never found by simply staring at a phone. It’s found by connecting with others.