Weekly Horoscope for July 2: What Is a Legacy?

July 1, 2023

As the summer heat rises this week, we’ll experience many opportunities to review the abundance we’ve built in 2023 thus far. The week’s main event will be the full moon in Capricorn that resounds on July 3. This lunation will draw stark attention to our life’s legacies and spotlight the major structures we must work within and how we have built our professional realm in the past six months. When it comes to full moons throughout the year, this is one of the best of them all, as planetary power will be infused within it. The full moon is opposite Mercury, bringing a flurry of activity and ideas to our lives. Our minds will be colored by our emotions. Next, the full moon is gorgeously linked to Jupiter, bringing expansion and luck, as well as to Saturn, bringing stability and strength. This guarantees the possibility of longstanding success — whether achieved now or built going forward.


I rise like royalty. I am ready to be crowned.


When it comes to zodiac signs that will enjoy the week ahead most, that will be Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. All three of these zodiac signs are likely to reach achievement or build toward it now. Aries will see a major spotlight on their professional ascent. This could be one of the biggest victories they’ve seen in years. Leos could be polishing off a major milestone for their employer or boss, which could lead them to long-term gain. Last, Sagittarians may now have an opportunity for a new job offer or raise.



Imagine your face on billboards this week, Aries! But don’t rest on your laurels. Aim more strategically, and you’ll like the newfound flow. The full moon will bring glory to the heights of your solar tenth house of achievement. This may bring forth a turning point regarding your career and professional life. However, if unfortunate news arrives, it may mean you need to move in a different direction. 


If you’d like to venture in these directions but haven’t yet planned to do so, know the roads are now open, Taurus. Magnificent energy awaits you! A full moon in a fellow earth sign will take the spotlight this week, energizing your sacred solar ninth house of expansion. A turning point concerning media projects, long-distance travel, immigration, or even academic matters could be present for you to face. 


If you are partnered up and married, you may notice a shift around your spouse’s income, assets, or investments, Gemini. It’s time to truly assess your finances at this time. The mighty full moon brings a spotlight to your solar eighth house of wealth. Another way this could affect you, though, is in to a settlement, bonus, royalty check, or inheritance. If leaving a company or partner, you may find agreement.


This week will likely make you and a significant other come together as one, such as through a decision to make long-term promises, move in, or get engaged, Cancer. It is one of the most important weeks of the year for you! This is because a full moon across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership arrives with firepower. However, if there have been rumbles beneath the seams, you may decide to hash it out through an emotional discussion.


If you’ve been feeling ill, a sickness may pop up, Leo. Rush to a doctor and make sure you’ve got everything under control! This is because it will be a very busy and potentially draining week. The full moon will spotlight your solar sixth house of productivity. This lunation could bring a turning point in regards to your employment or job. You may now be polishing off a big project or deciding to leave one job to pursue a new one. 


Explosive rapture could be here for you, Virgo. This week could bring one of your favorite moments in the entire year! The full moon invigorates your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and passion. Singles must use this energy to line up prospective suitors. If casually dating, you may now fall deeply in love or decide to make an important promise together. Another way this could affect you is by bringing news of a sudden pregnancy!


Host a marvelous gathering at home for friends, your family, and any distant relatives you’d like to reconnect with, Libra. Everyone will find it to be a highlight of the summer! Positive developments in your domestic life will fill you with joy. Another fabulous way to harness this sweet vibration is to look into moving, renovating, relocating, or even deciding to redecorate your living space! 


You may be learning, teaching, or updating your communication projects or skills near this time in wonderful ways, Scorpio. Get ready for an action-packed and exhilarating week! The full moon will energize your mind and intellect, as it falls within your solar third house. If you can head out of town for a quick trip — especially to visit family or a sibling — you’ll be glad that you did.


More money could soon be coming your way, Sagittarius. As the full moon highlights your solar second house of finances, your budget will be on the top of your mind. Be sure to keep your eye on where everything is going so you’re not accidentally letting anything fall through the cracks. Luckily, you could soon be up for a raise or new job offer if you’re using your skills in a way to monetize well.


Let the universe celebrate you this week, Capricorn. This full moon is the most important lunation of the year for you, whereby you reach toward an important heartfelt hope or dream that you’ve been building toward for six months or longer and see it within your grasp. Having a full moon in your zodiac sign — your solar first house of identity — is often a blessing to behold, so enjoy the spotlight and support.


You could be hiding under the blankets for some extra shut-eye this week, Aquarius. The full moon will softly sing from your solar twelfth house of the unconscious and privacy. You may feel especially burnt out, exhausted, and ready to recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries. However, instead, this lunation could cause you to be working on an important project or plan behind the scenes that is not ready to debut before the world. Keep at it!


The cosmos are singing your praises from the heights of heaven this week, Pisces. As the full moon this week sparkles within your solar eleventh house, you’re the popular one dancing in the flames. Use this lunation to expand your network, connect with many friends. Try your hand at online dating if single and ready to meet someone new! Also, take a step back to review your vision board and what you’d like to tackle in the coming months.