Weekly Horoscope for July 23: Return to the Past.

July 22, 2023

A major turning point in 2023 has arrived. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, and relationships, has fallen into the shadow of the past. Venus retrograde will take place entirely in the zodiac sign of Leo. While it began to creep in during June and officially stationed retrograde on July 22, it will linger on officially until September 3, with a post-shadow phase ending in early October. Venus retrograde is a tremendously karmic period that often causes us to reflect on all matters of love, beauty, and intimacy. Exes, twin flames, and soulmates from the past may cross our paths now. Situations that require closure — or may be able to be rekindled once again — could also manifest before our eyes.


I will listen to my heart. However, I will not be blinded by desire. I will not ignore red flags.


This week, the onset of Venus retrograde will affect three zodiac signs especially potently: Aries, Leo, and Aquarius. While all zodiac signs will feel a sense of nostalgia creep in, these three will feel like they see the entire world through rose-colored glasses. For Aries, old flames and casual lovers from the past are likely to be lurking in the shadows. For Leos, they will have a distorted sense of all matters of the heart, but especially their own sense of worth and beauty. Last, Aquarians will likely cross paths with significant partners from the past who held a deeply important relationship with them.



Exes or old flames may be creeping across your path, Aries. If you’d like to reunite with someone, reach out. The cosmos are giving you whiplash in your love life! Sweet Venus, the goddess of romance and beauty, has stationed retrograde in your solar fifth house of dating, passion, and fertility. You will suddenly be seeing through rose-colored glasses concerning all of these matters. If single, exes or old flames may be creeping across your path. If you’d like to reunite with someone, reach out.


Something is about to become amiss in your life, Taurus. Do not make any sudden decisions around décor or real estate. Venus, your planetary ruler, is preparing to backslide through your solar fourth house of domesticity, real estate, and family. If there has been confusion, uncertainty, or a general lack of happiness regarding these areas of your life, you could find a way to hash everything out more harmoniously going forward. 


You may think you’ve got a silver tongue and can persuade anything your way — just like a master seducer — but this isn’t quite the case now, Gemini! Beware what you say, post, and announce now. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of beauty and art, is blurring the lines and sending confusing smokescreens from within your solar third house of communications. If you’re involved in a creative industry, it’s important to re-evaluate your plans.


You may suddenly feel like your lucky gold spell has run out now, Cancer. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and profit, is freezing like a lantern in the sky before retrograding through your second house of income, resources, and possessions. You may feel like you can’t keep money in your hands, as it keeps being repelled and sucked away. Don’t make big purchases now.


Out of nowhere, you may suddenly feel as if the beauty and color in life are being bizarrely skewed, Leo. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and pleasure, is now moving backward through your solar first house of identity and zodiac sign. Above all, do not make any changes to your appearance, beauty regimen, or style. You will gravely regret them later as everyone is gossiping rudely behind your back.


Something dark is lurking hidden in the shadows, Virgo. Beware. Sweet Venus, our goddess of pleasure, has been whispering behind closed doors in your solar twelfth house of privacy. This means something karmic in nature from your past is coming back to bite you, especially around the themes of romance, lust, intimacy, and relationships. Above all, do not get sucked into an affair during this time.


Trouble is brewing in your social paradise now, Libra! Keep your wits about you. As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and joy and your celestial ruler, retrogrades through your solar eleventh house of friendships, communities, and online dating, drama lurks in the shadows. People from your past are sure to be popping up out of nowhere to rehash situations and discussions you thought were dead and buried.


You thought your career was set for glory, but backlash could be the news coming your way now, Scorpio. Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and adoration, has frozen in your solar tenth house of achievement and will be retrograde. If you thought you were about to reach a new pinnacle or debut a new project, applause could be the last thing that comes your way. Instead, it may be ridicule.


Charging into newfound territory is not the best course of action now, Sagittarius. Breathe through the frustration. As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of beauty and pleasure, is frozen in your solar ninth house of expansion, adventure and exploration. You may feel like you’re stuck dealing with the status quo, returning to boring and mundane ideas and tasks, and generally sensing that life is a bit lackluster.


Intimacy could’ve been steamy lately, but suddenly you may feel like it’s reached frigid temperatures, Capricorn. As sweet Venus, our goddess planet of attraction and pleasure, retrogrades through your solar eighth house, sexuality will not be sweet as sugar. Instead, you may feel like you and your significant other have lost your rhythm, and trust issues are now rising from the shadows. Don’t make any important decisions just yet.


Exes and old lovers may now be staring you in the face, Aquarius. What will you decide?  Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, is retrograding across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership. Those in committed partnerships may feel rocky weather between the two of you. However, this could also bring karmic connections from the past back to reignite the rapport or gain closure.


Finding the best work and life balance could be nearly impossible to find in the weeks ahead, Pisces. Life is about to get a bit boring, routine, and heavy. Venus is now retrograding in your solar sixth house. This means that your work life is about to become especially rocky. You may become overloaded with tons of routines, responsibilities, and plans that aren’t even inspiring to you.