Weekly Horoscope for June 16: Bittersweet Strolls Down Memory Lane.

June 15, 2024

Looking the other way when heavy feelings pull at our heartstrings seems easy. But we undermine the true consequences it bears when we do so. Our minds can forget. But our body remembers. All parts of our physicality are capable of holding onto sensations that we avoid processing. Somatic responses are divine, intuitive messengers this week. Our vessel chants its needs eagerly. Can we compassionately listen? 

On June 17, both relationship-oriented Venus and intellectual Mercury dive into the high-tide waters of Cancer. Following on the twentieth, Cancer season, or the summer solstice, hits. Watery energy intermingles with our air, creating sensations like heavy summer humidity. We cannot help but slow down in profound feeling. On June 21, the Capricorn full moon fully releases all repressed memories out of the bag. We have felt these subjective matters didn’t serve a practical purpose. We are humbled to find our desire to run away into an ideal future cannot satisfy us. Not unless we can truly sit with our roots.


When my body feels heavy or tired, I release the emotional baggage that is stressing out my spirit.


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces find a deeper understanding of themselves and life this week.

Cancer is fueled with self-awareness and compassion as the sun, Venus, and Mercury enter their sign. 

Scorpio is surprised to see the world through a new perspective, shedding outdated beliefs that were likely never theirs in the first place.

Pisces is fueled with careful empathy for their lovers, generating a longing for tender romance.



Multiple planets ingress into Cancer this week, highlighting your personal life sector. As much as you are usually rough around the edges, you’ll begin to soften, Aries. People have witnessed you, seen you grow, and care about you. Your chosen or birth family steps to the forefront. You witness the love you’ve brought into your life. Being understood and understanding others are all you’ve needed all along. Tend to those who choose to love you in any emotional state, not just your highlight reel.


You can lie with your words, but time always tells the truth, Taurus. As multiple planets rapidly enter the realm of Cancer, your communication sector is highlighted. Emotions arise in your body, getting stuck in your throat. Your tongue is heavy with all that you wish to say but don’t know how. Begin by saying one word. Watch it become sentences, paragraphs, and an entire dialogue. Whether you speak your mind to someone you trust or jot it down in a safe journal, get it all out. Express it now. That way, you can tell the difference between reality and what you wish to believe.


You deeply cherish emotional connection, despite your reputation for being a flighty air sign, Gemini. You care about your loved ones so much that you’re very intentional about who you allow getting close. Your values are activated this week. Multiple planets enter Cancer, ushering in a deeper energy. While love can be felt as an emotion, it truly is nothing until it is put into action. Your love language becomes practical. You are investing in love and being invested in it. Your time dedicated, money spent, or efforts expended will showcase care in a way words couldn’t. 


You begin to feel like yourself again, Cancer. After an interlude of self-reflection and conserving your energy primarily to yourself, emotions come spilling out. Your heart will be on your sleeve. But that is exactly what will make you so magnetic and relatable to outsiders. As multiple planets enter your sign, your life path opens up. Challenges swiftly switch into opportunities for growth. Self-limitations are melted away. Makeovers reflect your inner world. 


It’s not always easy to admit you need to stop, Leo. However, it’s truly time to pull back your energy. A cycle is ending in your life this week. It’s time to stop watering dead plants and get to the root of any self-sabotage. Why do you feel you need what is limiting you? Your spiritual epiphanies are profound. Multiple planets enter Cancer, activating your etheric spiritual sector. What is for you cannot miss you. Trust that your cocooning moment will be worth becoming a butterfly.


You cannot always choose who you care about, Virgo. Your heart wants what it wants. While this applies to romantic love, it also is true platonically and in any other connection. Your social sector is activated. Multiple planets enter Cancer, leaving you in a state of emotional nostalgia. It’s time to walk down memory lane with your friends. As you flip through the photobook, you may also recall outgrown loves, people you’ve had to leave behind. Make space for the vast array of feelings that arise when you recall memories and things forgotten. Your memory is pointing you to what’s important to prioritize moving forward.


Drop the mask this week, Libra. We often see career and our innermost emotions as opposite matters. However, during this time, your personal life matters intermingle with career matters. An influx of Cancer energy hits your professional sector. Your mood is written all over your face. You can’t help but bring your life into your workplace. This may be a good time to get closer to colleagues, clients, or coworkers. Let them see the human side. When you allow yourself to be authentic to who you are, people will admire your relatability. 


Multiple planets enter Cancer this week, hitting your philosophical sector. With Cancer representing our family and childhood, emotional hues color your world perspective. Your emotions, upbringing, and memories make it harder to filter the truth from your past. While something may be white, you perceive it with more shades of blue. While someone intends well, you may be triggered by a time you’ve been hurt. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Arising dilemmas are likely rooted in deeper experiences than the one in front of you.


It’ll be hard to be lighthearted this week. As much as you love to be the life of the party, now isn’t the time to force playful Sagittarius. As your intimacy sector is hit, dive deeper. Get to truly know those who hold the key to your heart. Deflecting emotions with humor, busy activity, or detachment would be a disservice to all involved. It can be scary to enter the darkness. Who knows when the light will return? If you never do, you don’t get the chance to truly bond authentically.


The world doesn’t revolve around you this week. You’re focused on others. Dreamy Cancerian energy hangs heavy in the air. This brings a longing to your interpersonal connections sector. You would do anything to be in another’s shoes and make sense of what they are like. How do they feel? What do they want? Who do they long for? What are they thinking? Romantic desires to connect deeper, whether with a lover, friend, or family member remind you to detach from yourself. It can be fun to lose yourself in another. 


While you want to be efficient this week, it’ll be impossible to shut off your emotions, Aquarius. Your heartstrings are pulled. Creative sensations arise. How can you do what’s expected of you when you’re lost in daydreams? By intertwining your intuition with your daily life. Create rituals, routines, and pauses in your days that allow you to feel connected to your tasks. You don’t have to be robotic and detached to be productive.


You will be in your element, Pisces. Longing Cancerian energy hangs in the air, making you feel at home. It’s easier to be yourself. As your pleasure sector is activated, expect more ease. Your romantic life expands. Experiences around happiness, creativity, hobbies, talents, or even children find you. As you walk down memory lane, you’re brought back to your current reality. Look around. Is it all you’ve ever wanted? Dare to dream big again.