Weekly Horoscope for June 18: Explore Your Curious Nature!

June 17, 2023

Yet again, we face a rather action-packed week with many different energies to navigate. A new moon in Gemini arrives on June 18, bringing a flurry of activity and communication into our lives. Unfortunately, though, this lunation carries some particularly difficult frequencies, as the new moon is square Neptune and will bring weakness, illness, deception, and delusion for us to face. Mercury, the planet of the mind, is important to pay attention to, as he rules this lunation. On the one hand, he’s in a harmonious dance with Venus, bringing forth a desire to communicate our feelings, but he is also clashing with Saturn, bringing gloomy thoughts and blockages for us to face. Another extremely important and rare aspect is that on June 19, Jupiter will sextile Saturn, bringing excellent opportunities for long-term success, prosperity, and victory. Use this day to plant seeds you’d like to see thrive in the years to come, especially regarding your ambitions.


I am worthy of large-scale success and can use my talents to positively affect others and the world.


With the epic dance between Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces this week, three zodiac signs will see major professional opportunities. Tauruses will have remarkable opportunities to achieve one of their life’s greatest aspirations, as well as amass great wealth from their careers. Leos will see breakthroughs around promotions, public recognition, and large-scale investments and assets. Last, Pisces will see exciting growth around communication-related endeavors or may be offered a contract that has long-term impacts on their lives.



Prepare for your mind to feel especially curious and active this week, Aries. The forthcoming new moon will be shaking it up within your solar third house of communication and short-distance travel. This will easily help you brew up wondrous ideas and expand your intellect. If you are involved in communications or marketing, brainstorm exciting new projects you’d like to tackle. They could end up pushing you into the spotlight.


It’s time to pack on the cash, Taurus. A new job offer, lucrative client, side hustle, or raise may suddenly catch your attention. This week’s new moon will bring prosperous vibes to your solar second house of income. It may stimulate many ways for you to monetize or expand your nest egg. If you’d like to think about long-term growth, meet with an accountant or financial advisor who may help you plan.


As the curtains part, you’re standing center stage this week, Gemini. Show the world your power! A new moon in your solar first house of identity — your zodiac sign — will get you fired up to parade forth like you’re a superstar. This is the most important lunation of the year to initiate new plans and launch endeavors, so start to plan ahead. If you get moving and grooving, you’ll make tons of progress and leave everyone in the dust.


You’ve been especially busy lately, Cancer, but this week could be the breath of fresh air you need! This week’s new moon will sing you to sleep and allow you to lie low and recharge your batteries! This is an ideal moment to assess your health and find ways of letting go of any baggage that is heavy on your soul. Meet with a therapist, counselor, or spiritual guru.


You have so much to celebrate now, Leo. As the stars part, you could now hit a lifelong milestone. This week’s new moon energizes your solar eleventh house of aspirations, hopes, and dreams. You’ll feel euphoric and on top of the world! However, the key to doing this is connecting with your network and friends and seeing who can help you strategize to get where you seek to go. You’re ready to light up the night!


Glorious stars await you now, Virgo. Use this time to map out your career strategy for the entire year ahead and get moving! This week’s new moon will bring exciting news to your professional life. If you’d like to apply to a competitive firm that would offer a promotion, more responsibility, or a better paycheck, know that the heavens are backing you up at this time. Go for it!


Look to the clouds and let your mind daydream about heaven and earth, Libra. Open your mind and spirit to a whole new adventure! This week’s new moon will light off fireworks within your solar ninth house expansion. This will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn more about what life has to offer. You may now see the world from a new perspective. Now would be an excellent period to plan or embark upon long-distance travel.


Snuggle in closely with your one and only this week, Scorpio. Communicating with a sweeter touch may also take place. A new moon in your solar eighth house of trust and sexuality will arrive, bringing a soft and sensitive touch to your mind, soul, and heart. This is an auspicious period to discuss your innermost needs with your significant other, as well as assess what each of you brings to the table.


Magic will bless your significant partnerships this week, Sagittarius. This will aid you in growing closer with a major partner in love, business, or collaboration. The new moon will dance across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnerships. You may now decide to move in, get engaged, or even soon-to-be-wed. Singles can use this lunation to put themselves out there and look for someone with LTR potential.


A very busy week awaits you, Capricorn. Focus on being productive and streamlined! This week’s new moon highlights your solar sixth house of routines, responsibilities, and employment. You may suddenly be assigned to pick up new work or shifts on the job. If you freelance, you could win a lucrative client or new employer. If you’d like to see your physical health improve, too, this lunation smiles on you.


Let your heart radiate brilliantly in every glorious color this week, Aquarius. You’re ready to celebrate life! A new moon in your solar sector of romance, fertility, and passion will sing like a thousand hummingbirds in harmony. This is the most important period of the year for singles to line up dates with prospective suitors. Someone perfect for you could cross your path! If coupled up, be sure to discuss how the two of you can have even more fun or embrace your hobbies.


This week may be especially reflective and nostalgic for you, Pisces. Turn within. A new moon in your solar sector of domesticity, home, and family will have you reviewing where you’ve been and came from. This lunation may propel you to make a decision about relocating, renovating, or redecorating your living space, as well. If you can set aside time to make sweet plans with your family, you’ll be so glad that you did.