Weekly Horoscope for March 10: Did You Mean That?

March 9, 2024

While our intentions may be genuine and coming from a place of love and care, it’s essential to be mindful of communicating with compassion this week. On March 10, the new moon in Pisces illuminates our innermost emotions, making us sensitive and attuned to the needs of others. On the same day, Mercury charges into fiery Aries. Slips of the tongue or heated moments will usher in. 

Finding a way to express authentically, all while maintaining tact in heightened emotional times, will make all the difference to conversations. On the eleventh, Venus gracefully waltzes into romantic Pisces in her exaltation. Love will be on our mind as relationships progress into new stages of intimacy and soulfulness, steadily soothing the intense energy that the new moon brought at the start of the week. 


I can defend my truth and authenticity while maintaining composure, compassion and consideration for others’ points of view.


Aries, Libra and Pisces can expect the most eventful week of the twelve signs.

Aries will feel a surge of mental clarity and pronounced self-expression as Mercury enters their sign.

Libras relationship and love life will improve when their ruler Venus enters its exaltation in Pisces.

Pisces experiences more grace, ease and overall relationship luck as Venus enters their sign.



The only way out is going through it. The Pisces new moon on March 10 will highlight your solar twelfth house of the subconscious and past. While this lunation will feel like a fresh start for the collective, you personally experience it as more of an ending. Mercury enters your sign in Aries on the same day, clearing the way for you to speak your mind or find healthy forms of self-expression in order to heal what you have been through. 


It’s important to keep the people who bring out the best in you as your company, Taurus. As the Pisces new moon illuminates your solar eleventh house of social circles on the tenth, it’ll become clear who and what makes you feel motivated. A better future is possible, so listen to the advice of trusted friends, associates, colleagues or those who share a common goal. As Mercury enters Aries, you gain clarity on past issues that once confused you. Let go of the past in order to welcome your bright future.


Your solar tenth house of career asks you to consider new beginnings as the Pisces new moon hits it March 10, Gemini. It’ll be important to consider what role you want to play in society. What comes naturally to you that doesn’t to others? Where can you claim this authority to make a difference? Your daydreams can become reality if you consider your visions as valuable rather than silly. Mercury entering Aries on the same day allows you to find clarity in conversations with associates or friends. Perhaps you don’t need to make all of these changes or decisions on your own.


What you believe becomes your reality, Cancer. This week challenges your thinking and perspective, ushering in new wisdom or outlooks on life when the Pisces new moon hits. When Mercury enters Aries, you may realize you need to stand your ground in your career life more and assert yourself. Keep in mind that others’ opinions may teach you something new about the world. Open-minded dialogue will allow you to leave your comfort zone and find new philosophical treasure.


Feelings of trust are impacted not only by emotional matters, but practical ones too, Leo. The Pisces new moon ushers in beginnings in your solar eighth house of shared resources. Make sure you and your partner, potential lover, roomate, business partner or whoever you may rely on financially are on the same page on how you handle resources this week. However, with Mercury entering Aries, make sure you welcome differences in opinion rather than becoming reactive. Can you collaborate to fulfill all parties’ differing needs and values?


Relationships or love will be on your mind this week as the Pisces new moon highlights your solar seventh house of connections, Virgo. With Mercury entering Aries, the lunation’s interpersonal energy contradicts with defiance to be autonomous or to get your own needs met. Teamwork will take you further. Trying to get what you want first and only allowing collaboration after you get what you want. 


The Pisces new moon will illuminate your solar sixth house responsibilities this week, bringing a newfound sense of purpose, Libra. Responsibilities may be demanding your attention, but your mind will be focused on your relationships when Mercury enters Aries into your seventh house of connections. Be sure to ensure that you’re taking care of your practical needs and setting boundaries in order to stay present in your day to day life. Being of service to others is applaudable, but not at the expense of your growth or needs.


It’s time to chill. New romantic energy ushers into your solar fifth house of pleasure this week thanks to the Pisces new moon, Scorpio. Enjoying your time will be the most productive thing that you can do for yourself in order to recharge. Lovers can connect on an inner child level, allowing them to become more carefree. Put adulting on pause and have fun, whether through dating, creativity, or hobbies. When Mercury enters Aries, trust any sudden realizations regarding your decisions around daily routines and productivity. 


How your life feels behind closed doors is far more important than how it looks to outsiders looking in, Sagittarius. New beginnings around your home, domestic, family, or personal life will usher in, asking you to spend more time in safe spaces and get vulnerable. Now is the time to consider moving, connecting with loved ones deeper, or making your house a home. When Mercury enters Aries, your inner child is sparked with excitement, romance, creativity and pleasure.


Your opinions hold value, so don’t hold back on speaking your mind this Pisces new moon, Capricorn. As your solar third house is activated by this lunation, it’ll become apparent that your voice matters. Being silent can cause just as much damage as speaking too harshly. Communication is always the key to social success. Mercury enters Aries the same day on the tenth, reminding you to articulate yourself clearly and listen with the intent to understand those in your personal life.


You have big dreams, Aquarius. But it’s time to seek the necessary resources in order to make your visions reality. The Pisces new moon hits your solar second house of money and self-esteem, reminding you to charge your worth literally and metaphorically. Do you need more investments? More tools? More time? More support? Ask for what you need with the confidence that you are worthy of being properly provided.  


The spotlight is on you Pisces, with this week’s new moon in your sign on the tenth. You feel at home as you’re able to clearly self-express yourself and make new decisions with newfound hope and confidence. Also occurring on March 10, Mercury enters Aries. The desire to focus practically on what is within your control will free you, allowing you to make concrete and rational decisions. However, it’ll become clear that you can’t always make everyone happy when you do what’s best for you.