Weekly Horoscope for March 12: Karma is Coming

March 12, 2023

After a string of many long weeks with happy planetary alignments and sweet astrological aspects, an especially challenging week lies ahead. With many squares causing the heavens to cry out in anger and frustration, we will feel the rocky road twisting and turning as we navigate thorns and boulders. Neptune, the planet of deception, illness, and delusion, will be prominent this week, forging many conversations in the sky. First, he will wage war with Mars, bringing defeat and weakness on March 14, followed by a potentially murky conjunction with the sun on the fifteenth. Mercury then unites with Neptune on the sixteenth. This means that while it will be important to embrace our intuition and connect to our higher selves, we must do so delicately without losing sight of reality. Instead, embrace downloads and creative impulses but do so softly.


I will keep my feet on the ground as I admire the stars from afar. But I will not lose touch with reality.


Challenging energy will be popping up throughout the week, and Aries, Libra, and Pisces may face it most significantly. With some big ups and downs to navigate, each of these zodiac signs may feel a bit lost and anxious. Aries may, on the one hand, be picking up important psychic energies and intuition — but are also just as likely to become lost in panic and fear. Libras, however, may need to navigate challenges around physical health, such as a sudden infection or overwhelming feelings of exhaustion. While Pisceans will probably fare slightly better than these other two zodiac signs, they will also be prone to spinning off into their own little worlds, losing themselves to reality.



A karmic turning point is now upon you, Aries. As Saturn, the taskmaster and the planet of hardship and karma, forges onward into your solar twelfth house, you will be experiencing significant life lessons about how you’ve built your life in the past three decades. On the one hand, the positive karma you’ve built may now be paid off, helping you reach a new level of closure. Dark karma, though, may now haunt you.


A major new cycle is upon you, Taurus. As Saturn, the planet of karma and life lessons, spins onward into your solar eleventh house, you’ll be seeing a whole new learning curve take place around your friendships, social life, and aspirations. It may weed out people not meant to remain in your circle and refine your life goals. Know what you want most as you cultivate this next chapter.


A massive shift is just beginning in your professional life, Gemini. For the coming three years, you will experience Saturn, our taskmaster, spinning in the heights of your solar tenth house of achievement. This will turn the vast majority of your attention entirely to your career as if you are underneath a never-ending weight of work and responsibility. This will likely feel quite heavy but could also leave you with major success in the end.


Pursuing distant travel or immigration may be a bit harder in the coming three years, Cancer. As Saturn spins in your solar ninth house of expansion, he will bring a heavier weight to these kinds of matters. If you’ve been hoping to make a big move or investigate the world, you may find it especially challenging to do so. Instead, you may feel stuck exactly where you are, instead.


You’ve experienced tough lessons around relationships in the past few years, Leo. Luckily, the worst is behind you. Saturn, the planet of karma and hardship, has turned a corner to venture into your solar eighth house of intimacy and assets. On the one hand, you may notice that matters of wealth tighten for you in the coming three years as you’re forced to think of the long term. However, if you’ve been going through a separation, you may notice tension around these matters.


One of the most important periods in regard to your significant relationships is upon you, Virgo. As mighty Saturn, our taskmaster, stands across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnership, you will experience life lessons around you and others. Weak relationships may break between now and 2026, whereas healthy ones will be forged through fire to become even stronger.


The coming years may bring challenges around employment and your work-life balance, Libra. You may feel as if you’re drowning beneath far too many routines and responsibilities to have an effective schedule. This could impact your health, so it’s important to do your best to find the best flow that will empower you rather than drain you completely. Only you can forge effective boundaries.


Karma is coming for your romantic life, Scorpio. As Saturn, our taskmaster, dances in your solar fifth house of true love and passion, he will remain here until 2026. This will bring major turning points around dating, as well as some life lessons, as well. It could make it much harder for singles to find a relationship that can keep its spark, and couples may fight to keep their fire lit.


There has been a big focus on your home, family, and domestic life in recent years, Sagittarius. These themes will become even more important as Saturn, our taskmaster, brings intense life lessons around these situations from now until 2026. If you’ve been standing on rocky ground for quite some time, you may now be able to find more stability and security. If seeking to buy real estate, this could become an even greater focus.


Intellectual projects will become especially important to you in the years to come, Capricorn. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is spinning in your solar third house of communication now until 2026. This ensures that you could be especially focused on teaching, learning, or education, as well as updating your credentials. If you enroll in courses now, they could end up being both challenging and rewarding.


For the past few years, you’ve experienced tough love, Aquarius. This is because Saturn, your planetary co-ruler, stood on top of your zodiac sign. However, now he has ventured onward into your solar second house of finances and will orbit here until 2026. This will bring important life lessons and karmic tutelage around how you manage and build wealth, as well as utilize your skills to empower you.


One of the most important periods of your entire life is upon you, Pisces. Saturn, our taskmaster and the planet of karma and life lessons, is now orbiting in your zodiac sign and solar first house of identity. This ensures that you will spend now until 2026 setting down new roots in your life and building more long-term stability. Consider what you’d like to create in the coming three decades.