Weekly Horoscope for May 12: Finding Security Within.

May 11, 2024

On May 12, a soft Cancer moon transit beautifies any Mother’s Day plans. The moon, representing motherhood and children, is happily in its domicile, or at home, in this water sign. The collective mood sets up for family gatherings, emotional conversations, or lovely gifting. Even sentimental walks down memory lane in solitude can be rewarding, making us feel warm and reflective about unforgettable memories.

On the fifteenth, intellectual Mercury grows roots in earthy Taurus. Our language becomes much more intentional as we intuitively feel the long-lasting impact words can have. Communication between others may slow and be less charged, emotive, or frequent. But quality over quantity of interactions is delivered. Stubbornness will close off conversations. Remaining fixed in your values while open-minded to compromise can melt hearts and dissolve unnecessary separation.


Intentional with my communication, I practice harm reduction with my loved ones.


Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo can expect an active week.

Taurus is mentally stimulated and decisively empowered as Mercury enters their sign this week.

Gemini and Virgo opt for more sensual, grounded, patient, or practical approaches to dilemmas as their planetary ruler Mercury enters Taurus.



Our relationship to money and materials can reveal a lot about our relationship to ourselves, Aries. Taurean energy fills the air as Mercury channels through the steadfast earth sign this week, highlighting your solar second house of resources. What’re you worth? It cannot be defined by a number. Knowing your value is simply an energetic state of being. And when you’re not aligned with it? You feel the depletion of your confidence and assets. This week, take decisive action. Invest into your forte. Practical insights open doors of insight where ignorance once locked you out. 


Learn the lesson the first time. Now that you know better, don’t avoid the work that needs to be done. Mercury enters your sign this week. The excuses you once sold yourself to are shattered and replaced with real truth and self-awareness. Should you pass the spiritual test of staying true to your values, you lean deeper into your authentic identity, carrying the lessons with you. Should you deny the need for a mindset shift or updated perspective, you’ll feel the weight of stubbornness holding you back.


Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. If you’ve found yourself having the same conversational challenges over and over, it’s time to pause. Heed the call within. Allow the noise of the outside world and its opinions to fall away. A solo walk in nature, a healing spiritual ritual, time in your bedroom journaling, or creating playlists that express nostalgic emotions may be just what you need. As Taurus Mercury enters your solar twelfth house of healing, the best goal you can make is for a mental break and reset. Productivity is knowing when you need rest.


With social media, we often feel pressured to stay in touch with everyone all the time. As Mercury enters Taurus, your solar eleventh house of social life is energized. It’ll feel exciting to conversate with old and new friends alike, make networking connections, and feel a sense of belonging. However, the quality of your interactions will hold far more weight and impact than forcing a lot of unintentional chatter. Take time. Be selective and mindful of what you say and to whom. The less you’re readily accessible or assertive in your communication, the more magnetism you’ll hold in attracting others to you.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. New opportunities to get out of the house and into the world arise, Leo. While you may find yourself excited by the sudden increase of respect you’re receiving for your mind, words, or insight, remain grounded. The choices you make now have the power to bring about long-term success if you play your cards right. As you question and play with new ideas, observe the liberation that comes from testing or experimenting with your options rather than being anxious to hurriedly pick only one. 


Wisdom is knowing how much you don’t know. As the Taurus Mercury transit this week educates your solar ninth house of higher learning, revelations and realizations hit. Ignorance may come with its own bliss. But true freedom will come from observing yourself as you make mistakes, taking accountability without getting defensive. As you approach this week’s experiences as if it’s study material, be humble and open minded to new ways of seeing things in order to pass the spiritual test. 


Libra, you normally excel at small talk, pleasantries, and making even the most of strangers feel warm. However, it’ll be hard to be your typically charming self this week if the conversation doesn’t carry a deeper tone. Your solar eighth house of intimacy is permeated by Taurus Mercury energy. An aura of seriousness is casted over your language, mind and perspective. You come to see the importance of vulnerability, trust, and soulful intentions. As you venture into deeper communication and topics of discussion, your typically balanced self may tip to extremes. Allow yourself to feel it all. 


Love is on your mind, Scorpio. Taurus Mercury is charming your solar seventh house of relationships this week, encouraging an intellectually stimulating time. As you conversate with others, excited feelings will flutter in your chest as you identify your shared values and needs if the connection is resonant. If the connection doesn’t stimulate your mind, the conversations will feel drawn out, long, and boring. Take the time to venture into the mind of your loved ones, asking out of genuine interest. Curiosity will be the superior love language. 


If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, Sagittarius. Taurus Mercury enters your solar sixth house of productivity this week. The go, go, go of life will stimulate your mind, but remember to slow down. Signing yourself up for anything and everything that comes your way will leave you depleted. You’re adequate on your own, not because of the things you do. If you feel the urge to hurriedly improve your life by pressuring yourself to over perform or over commit this week, lovingly tell yourself to chill out. 


Your inner child will be singing this week, as Taurus Mercury enters your solar fifth house of pleasure. Sometimes, it can feel like a chore in and of itself to remember to find enjoyment in your everyday life, Capricorn. However, this week, romantic conversations, loving compliments, creative inspiration, and playful occurrences are more likely to find you. You’ll be the life of the party, shining a light for others to gather around for uplifted spirits if you allow yourself to let loose. You can handle any chores later. For now, your mind is in need of a vacation.


Conversations with family, whether chosen or by blood, has the potential to totally shift your perspective. As Taurus Mercury enters your solar fourth house of belonging, it’ll become clearer than ever where and with whom you intellectually align. Aquarius, you cannot change people’s minds who are fixated on the past or how they were raised. However, you can remind yourself that you don’t need to think like they do and make new decisions. De prioritize the interactions that’ll frazzle your mind. Turn to those who share your values to chat or vent.


Imagine how differently you’d see life if you ventured to your local community as if it was your first time seeing it, Pisces. Your favorite people would seem more intriguing, the local shops more appealing, the nature or scenic views more gorgeous. As Taurus Mercury enters your solar third house of local environments, play tourist in your own city. Take the time to explore new spots even down the street or going at different hours than you typically do. As you venture out, you may be surprised to find new friends, social networks, or connections.