Weekly Horoscope for May 19: The Luck of the Draw.

May 18, 2024

The world is spinning faster than usual this week. An influx of planets enter Gemini and rapidly energize our days, starting with the sun’s ingress on the twentieth and Venus on the twenty-third. Also, on May 23, an adventurous Sagittarius full moon asks us to challenge our fear of the unknown. Buckle up as this impulsive, fiery lunation pushes us into the pool. Learn how to swim right there and then!

Jupiter will enter Gemini on the twenty-fifth. The planet of expansion will remain there for about a year, yielding abundance in intellectual matters. With three planets entering the mutable air sign within a few days, get ready to hear busy bees buzz. Sociability, chattiness, and excitement resound. But so will indecision, scatteredness, and overstimulation. 


As things move fast, I intentionally find pockets of time to slow down.


Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will be swept away in an eventful week.

Gemini will experience a surge of activity with the confident sun, romantic Venus, and abundant Jupiter entering their sign.

Sagittarius views life through a poetic, emotive lens as they release and let go of major emotional blocks.

Aquarius finds their muse, a blooming love life, or creative inspiration this week.



With Jupiter, all is possible. As the expansive benefic planet works its magic in your solar third house, intellectual matters start to build to a peak, improving for about a coming year. Aries students begin acing their tests and are granted academic success. Meanwhile, other Aries notice an improvement in understanding, comprehending, and mastering new life skills. Overall, communication blocks lessen as bridges are built by word and intermingling. Social opportunities blossom, so pay attention to friends and networks who extend a helping hand or informative advice. Your future self will thank you for focusing and honing in on your craft.


Abundant, expansive Jupiter wants to bless your solar second house of finances. Who doesn’t like the sound of that, Taurus? However, as this playful planet brings you newfound confidence, be sure to put your money where your mouth is. Keep your payments, investments, and expenses within your budget. Just because you feel like a million bucks, doesn’t mean you have it to spare! Updated work and paid opportunities are sure to find you starting now and into the coming year, though, ushering in a new resourced approach to life. 


There’s a new era coming for you, Gemini. You’ve had to work behind the scenes for about a year, unable to reach full recognition for your skills, talent, experience, and abilities. Your craft has been developed in the shadows. It’s time to showcase them now, in broad daylight for all to see. Things turn around when Jupiter, planet of abundance, enters your sign this week, for a year. As your life path opens, your only challenge will be having too many options. But if you can focus your mind and intent clearly, the world is yours.  


Expansive Jupiter wants to relax in your solar twelfth house of introspection starting this week, Cancer. He will be extending his stay for about a year, making sure that you’re getting the well-needed rest that you need. While life will still go on, you’ll find yourself finding more luck and abundance when you allow the right opportunities to come to you in divine timing. Maintain rather than begin anew. As you master what is going on within, the external world will open up. 


Jupiter enters your eleventh house this week, ushering in a time when everyone wants to know what you’re up to. As your social life begins to buzz, expect this energy to build and peak over the course of a year, Leo. In your career, income online business opportunities, important gatherings, and opportune moments of synchronicity. Within your personal realm, friends are inviting you out more, and companions with similar interests find you. Enjoy this exciting time while remembering that quality over quantity is the golden rule.


There are others with less experience, talent, or wisdom than you who are leaders in spaces you dream of entering. Authority is mostly about believing in yourself, Virgo. Jupiter is uplifting your solar tenth house of public image and authority this week, staying for about a year. Be gone, imposter syndrome! Take up space. It’s prime time for your career, status, and reputation if you don’t shy away from the spotlight. What comes naturally to you that doesn’t so readily for others? Present your insight. Play the role you were meant to, and deliver your purpose to society. 


Abundant Jupiter is opening a blank notebook titled “The Adventures and Wisdom of You” as it enters your solar ninth house of philosophy, Libra. The planet of expansion lights up your world, bringing academic achievement, lifestyle upgrades, spiritual liberation, and uplifting updates to your belief systems. Take the opportune detour. This newfound luck will start this week and last about a year. As you write the pages of this lucky life chapter, don’t forget to note things from multiple points of view. Tunnel vision blocks you off from uncharted territory.


The heart craves to be understood, Scorpio. As lucky Jupiter blesses your solar eighth house, plan on intimacy and being truly seen, through the good and the bad. As the planet of expansion enters Gemini this week, lasting about a year, you come to a newfound understanding. Close relationships require mutual vulnerability, trust, and healing from the past. Deep conversations, authentic connections, and sacred promises bring you closer to who you can lean on. Continue to nurture bonding and invest in emotional intelligence. 


As Jupiter enters your seventh house of relationships, people are seeing you in a likable light. Expansion, luck, and promise are seeping from your veins. Your aura projects a friendly glow. Who could resist? As social opportunities find you, alongside romantic adventure, remain decisive and attentive. Prioritize your time to those who mean the most. If you accidentally make important people feel like an option or keep them at arm’s length, charm can only recover so much. Regardless, starting this week and lasting for about a year, you can expect your interpersonal world to open you to newfound heights. 


Jupiterian luck will nurture your daily life to blossom, rewarding you for years of hard work and effort. Capricorn is known for sweating day in and out to make sure everything is handled with responsibility and care. Now, it’s time to magnetize opportunities and let them find their way to you. Attracting abundance or favorability will bring you more expansion and luck over being pushy in your work life. As long as you remember to include positive daily habits to support your goals, you’ll find that the next year of Jupiter’s transit through Gemini will liberate your career life.


Life is about to become a party. Be sure to RSVP, as Jupiter is throwing a bash in your solar fifth house of pleasure. Starting this week and continuing for about a year, Aquarius, Jupiter energy expands your life. Your heart opens wide, celebrations find you, creativity peaks, romance goes smoothly, and hobbies find new meaning. Fertility is at an all-time high, both literally and figuratively, so plant seeds that you wish to sprout. As you learn to let loose, the universe does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to live your days with more ease and grace. Success can come through having fun. 


Pisces, Jupiter is about to make you feel at home. With the planet of expansion entering Gemini this week and remaining there for about a year, expansion takes on a new meaning. Your house feels like a home, and your chosen or blood family feels closer. Don’t fear the comfort, ease, and trust you feel within personal relationships. Rather than resist the love you deserve, open your heart up to a childlike state of receiving. Settle in.